I programmed my dreams with God, my Guardian Angels & Archangel Raphael for experiencing deep healing and restorative sleep. I also asked them to work with me while I am sleeping & dreaming and while I am awake to make a paradigm shift, so that I can  attract a  sexy juicy soul mate of my dreams, and so that I can experience a long term serious committed healthy romantic juicy boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with him.


I went to the bathroom by the showers at the club. I was trying to turn off the lights, and there were 3 or 4 switches in a row. I was not sure if I should flip the switches up or down. I tried both ways, but nothing happened. I then turned the switch off to the far left, and it suddenly started making all sorts of weird noises. I went and got the manager, and she went inside the bathroom. There was a shower in there, and the water was leaking out. She was trying to fix it. I was so embarrassed.

I am in bed, and some man comes into the bedroom looking for me. The man was stressed, because he had forgotten or had lost a big package of Snicker Bars that his boss was supposed to take with her on a trip or to a meeting. I did not want to get up and help him, because I was falling asleep. In the morning, I told whoever needed to know about the Snicker Bars. She helped him get the Snicker Bars.


To me the water leaking out of the shower means an emotional situation that I am experiencing. I recently ended a relationship that I felt would not be good for me in the long run even though we had a beautiful soul connected relationship. In the dream, I am trying to switch off  my emotion, but it is difficult to do even though it knew that it was the right decision for me.


Before I got involved with the man I was recently involved with, for months I had dreams about kissing a man. These dreams (see a few below) occurred at least 4-6 months before we got involved.  In the dreams, the kisses were so intense, magical and powerful that I would wake  up knowing someone was coming into my life. I couldn’t wait to meet the man in my dreams that was such a wonderful kisser. In the dreams, I would say “Wow you’re hot”! He did come into my life, and the chemistry was amazing; but relationships are more then just chemistry. Sometimes what is NOT said can hurt a relationship.  Secrets, fears, insecurities and shame can effect our health if we hold it in long enough. My childhood was filled with secrets and shame that I held inside and did not share. I learned as a young adult that sharing my deepest fears and insecurities (my secrets), was very healing and healthy for me. Evolving relationships are about sharing our deepest insecurities and fears.   I know without a doubt that in my dreams I am working through my relationship issues, and that I will make a Paradigm shift. I can’t wait until I start having juicy dreams again. It means that a new soul mate is on his way. I will be ready for him even though at this moment in time I am sad about losing a precious soul mate.



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