Dear  Spirit of my Ancestors. Please come into my dreams tonight while I am sleeping soundly and continue to help me in breaking free of the chains of poverty, scarcity and isolation passed down in my family from generation to generation, so that I can feel like I am enough, and so that I can open up to the flow of receiving and accepting abundance, prosperity and a beautiful relationship with the future love of my life who is for my soul’s highest and best good  BECAUSE I AM ENOUGH. Thank you Spirit of my Ancestors. I am grateful. Sweet dreams.


I am working in an office, and I was shown how to finish filling out forms that were already printed out.  My job was to add abbreviated words and symbols in the blank spaces of all these forms. It was so easy, and I was doing it super fast. At some point, I got side tracked, stressed out  and preoccupied by a woman I know getting hurt and becoming paralyzed. When I came back to work, I could no longer remember how to fill in the blank spaces. It was taken from my memory, and I tried really hard to remember, and I was even checking past work; but I still could not remember how to fill in the blank spaces. I knew I had to ask my boss, and I was dreading it.  I went to the window, and I looked outside,. Someone said that they were going on vacation to Portland.


I completely understand this dream. The girl injured and paralyzed was me, which represents me being emotionally paralyzed as a child. I remember the exact moment that I became emotionally unavailable. I was 12 years old. My mother told me that my father who I thought was my biological father was not my biological father after all. At that exact moment it time,  I stood up,  backed up against the kitchen window and I became emotionally unavailable and emotionally paralyzed.  I never cried. I just shut down.  In the dream, I was looking out the window. It brought back memories of me as a child always looking out the kitchen window, because I felt like I was missing out. I went to public school like everyone else; however, my mother “home schooled” me as well to make sure I would be smart enough. I guess I was never smart enough or good enough or pretty enough or perfect enough for her. While all the kids in the neighborhood were playing outside, I felt isolated, because I had to prove to her that I was good enough, smart enough, pretty enough and perfect enough. Now in the dream I could not remember what I was supposed to put in the blank spaces. The blank spaces are my past, and in my dream last night my spirit ancestors were erasing those blank spaces from my core beliefs about myself. Could it mean that in my dream I was being  emotionally healed of those very moments in time? Time will tell…..

Someone going on vacation to Portland is  from a Hallmark Christmas movie that  I watched last night where the woman lived in Portland, but was in her hometown for Christmas. I have no connection to Portland.


I pulled a card like I do every morning at the beginning of my day from the Wisdom Of The Oracle Card Deck. I asked “Spirit Ancestors what healing messages were you giving me in my dreams last night that are for my soul’s highest and best good?” The card I picked is YIN. This card represents the feminine art of conscious allowing. It is telling me that that all that I desire-love, abundance and prosperity-is coming to me; and I do not have to do anything. I just have to practice “conscious allowing” in order for love, prosperity and abundance to flow to me. I need to make space for miracles to happen, and just wait for all that I desire to come to me.