Last night, once again, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and my soul. I asked them to help me to give birth to an unlimited version of myself,  the right man and future soul mate for me, more prosperity and more abundance. I woke up briefly around 4am with no memory of any dreams, and then I went back to sleep. I woke up with some clear dreams around 6:45am. I do my best dreaming very early in the morning.

My dream was that I went on a trip, but I do not think my clothes came with me. Some woman was gracious enough to give me some bottoms and some tops to wear. The tops were like turtlenecks, and I was wearing layers. In real life, I cannot wear anything around my neck like that.  I can’t even wear necklaces. It gives me a feeling of claustrophopia. I seriously think this comes from a past life. I will have to explore that in my dreams one day.  I did not feel comfortable wearing the turtleneck or the layers, so I asked the woman for some lighter clothing that I could wear. I gathered that it was warm outside, because the woman who brought me the clothes told me that a couple was sitting out by the pool with parasols.

It appears that I was staying in a very long bus or RV. At one point, I was riding in it. There were seats like a bus, and in the back there was a lounge area with a table and chairs.  I asked the woman if she could get me some lighter clothing, so she did. I am in the RV or bus, and I locked the door, so I would be safe alone overnight. All of a sudden, the printer guy from next door opens the door and walks in. He grabs one piece of paper to print, and he leaves. At this point, I am concerned, because I do not feel safe even though I locked the door. Anyone can walk in.



The first thing that comes to mind in regards to the printer guy walking in is that I am trying to stop my old out dated beliefs and patterns in life. I am really working on shifting and changing my life.  I lock the door to the same old same old, but the printer guy still comes in even though I am locking my old beliefs and patterns out, so that I do not make the same mistakes again. It appears that I still have a little bit more to work on. Riding in a bus, well to me that means that at the moment I do not feel like I am in control of certain aspects of my life.  Wearing layers of clothing was uncomfortable for me, so I shed then for lighter clothing.  To me, the layers of clothes represents layers of emotional blockages that I am releasing. It seems to me that I am no longer desiring to hide my true self and my essense. I am being shown that through all the night dream healing that I am doing on my self that I am giving birth to a more lighter version of myself. (lightening the load so to speak). Parasols represent a light and carefree attitude.  In four days,  I am going on a nude cruise where I don’t need much clothes, but I am still overpacked. It is a nudist take over of the Carnival Glory, in four days, I am going to experience a lot of lightness and freedom and an unlimited version of myself (so to speak). Yea baby shed those clothes!