Theresa Caputo from



Dear God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael. Please work with me in my dreams tonight in freeing me and releasing me from whatever is blocking me from being in a successful long lasting relationship with the man of my dreams (whoever he may be).


I am with a large group of singles, and it feels like we are at my club. I realize that my purse is completely empty and that I had forgotten to put money in it. Someone beside me says that if I need money she will lend it to me. I am looking for what I think is either a phone or a phone charger. A woman lends me one. I am sitting with this big group of singles in the front row, and we are all on an upper level. All of a sudden, I see the Long Island Medium, Teresa Caputo,  walk in from the level below. I stood up all excited, and I am saying to the group “Oh my God. It’s the Long Island Medium It’s the Long Island Medium”. Everyone just stared at me with blank faces. They did not even know who she was. I look, and other people below are starting to crowd around her, so she was taken into another room. I know that it is time to leave, so I start to write a note to the woman who lent me the phone or phone charger and who offered to fill my purse with money. As I am writing the note, a man comes in and says “Hurry up. We’re leaving”. I say to him that Teresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium is in the other room, and he says “I know along with others”.  In my dream, I am thinking that perhaps she will perform at the club.


In interpreting this dream, I remember the feeling I had in the dream. It was the feeling of excitement and exhileration when I saw Teresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium. I believe this is a precognitive dream of what’s to come for me in my psychic business. I am single and looking for love. I am also strongly desiring to go on a lot more singles cruises, but I am worried that I am not financially set enough  to cruise as much as I want to, which is why my purse appears to be empty in my dreams. I sense that God and Archangels Raphael and Michael are  telling me that the money is always going to be there, because even though my purse is empty, someone is offering to fill my purse with money. I see this woman offering to fill up my purse with money  represented as one of my clients. Sitting in a higher level location means that God and the Archangels Raphael and Michael are raising me to a higher vibration, which I am absolute thrilled about . The charger is me charging myself up financially, and if it was an actual phone, then it is opening up the lines of prosperity for me. I make my money through doing psychic readings, and Teresa Caputo is famous; so it is telling me that I am going to start being more well known then I am right now. Don’t get me wrong. I do very well; however, I need to up my game (so to speak) in order for me to cruise more often. I feel like the man that came to tell me that we’re leaving is God and the Archangels saying “Come on let’s go on more cruises”. I am going on a singles cruise at the end of October for Halloween through Vacations To Go.


I feel like money and love are connected for me, which is why I had this dream.


I will continue programming my dreams tonight for removing blocks to a long term relationship with the man of my dreams (whoever he may be).