Last night I programmed my dreams by calling in  my healing angels and archangels and my Guardian Angels  for the continuation of removing my wealth & abundance walls in a surprising way that I will recognize. I also asked my chosen dream guides  to guide me in the direction that is for my highest and best good in all aspects of my life in the most surprising ways that I will recognize.


I am waking up and trying to remember the dream I had of being outside in a green grassy area, but I just couldn’t remember the depth of it. In my hypnogogic state,  I also dreamed of a daddy long legs hanging out on the sliding glass door of my screened in patio looking inside my home. Also I go to turn on my lamp in the living room, and the light won’t go on. My friend, Laura, is unexpectedly in my house. It’s as if she is saying, what am I doing here? She has to go, so she is quickly taking a shower and getting dressed.


I feel upset and very out of sorts this morning mainly because the light was out on my living room lamp in my hypnogogic dream.


WOOHOO! Through my research on google, I discovered that the daddy long legs are the only insect with a penis, which means I need to make sure the light is on (so to speak) for my new man with the long legs to come into my life.


Why wouldn’t the lamp turn on? Am I not ready?


Hey Baby! I’m waiting for you!  I’ll keep the light on for you tonight.