Dear God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael. Please work with me in my dreams tonight in freeing me from my childhood trauma in which I felt that love and money were withheld from me, so that I can live a more prosperous life and find my soul mate for a long lasting relationship.


In my dream, a couple from my club have organized a Level 1 HAI workshop (Human Awareness Institute). HAI workshops are love, intimacy and sexuality workshops. I found out about it the day it was starting.  They told me that 18 people are signed up to take the weekend workshop. I want so badly to sign up and take it, but the HAI workshop is $495. I am worried about money, and I do not want to add anything more to my credit card. I am feeling left out and worried about money. I am thinking that it is in their home, but it is across the street practically from me. It is now at a food stand where there is plenty of room on the inside. The address has a 5 on the end of it.


I have taken 7 levels of the HAI workshops about love, intimacy and sexuality. It has been awhile since I attended a HAI workshop, and so this dream reminds me that even at the age of 67 I am a sexual woman with strong desires. Unfortunately, this dream reminds me that I always worry about money. The particular couples that were in the dream are couples that I know in real life who have been married for a long time and who are devoted to each other. That is what I am wishing for myself.

I do not look at dream dictionaries to interpret my dreams. I go by my feelings in my dreams, except when it comes to interpreting numbers. I do love  the angel meanings of the numbers. Prosperity and freedom is a sign given by angel number 495. It reminds me not to be so worried about money, which is  due to how I programmed myself as a child. I honestly felt like love and money were withheld from me. Archangels Raphael and Michael are reminding me by the number 18 to think only positive thoughts that have to do with prosperity and abundanceThey are also reminding me that when I have high expectations and maintain a positive attitude that they will help me to manifest my strongest desires, which in my case is to cruise more often.  The archangels are letting me know that things are manifesting at a high rate of speed. The Angel number 5 means major changes are about to take place. The food stand represents nurturing my soul, and plenty of room represents to me that I am making room for the major changes that are about to take place in my love, sex and romantic life and in my finances.


The past is the past, and should stay in the past.. I am in the present, and I am standing, living and breathing in the here and now. It is time to wipe the slate clean. The past no longer can effect me unless I let it. All that I desire is within me now. Abraham Hicks talks about being in the vortex. When we are in the vortex, we can wipe the slate clean and start fresh. I close my eyes, and I visualize myself being in the vortex with this swirling energy cleansing me of the past. I cannot wait for the Abraham Hicks cruise in April, 2019. I am booked and excited.


“I am a prosperous woman living in the vortex, and I deserve to be in a healthy loving relationship”.