Linda Kaye
Psychic & Dream Coach

First and foremost, it is belief that we have many soul mates in our lifetime; and if one soul mate relationship does not work out, we have the ability to create a new soul mate relationship. I have given my love life to God, my Angels and the Universe. I want what they feel is for my highest and best good. If one relationship does not work out, I know that they will point me in the direction of a  soul mate  who will cherish me. This was what my dream programming was based on last night. Whoever he may be, I am preparing myself for him. I am looking forward to meeting whoever he is in my dreams and then in the physical world.

Dear God,  Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chamuel. While I am sleeping and dreaming tonight & in my waking hours, please bring me into the vibrational vortex where the  sexy juicy soul mate of my dreams is waiting for me, and where we are a vibrational match for each other for a long lasting relationship.   Also in my dreams tonight, please help our souls to connect in the most sexy juicy profound ways that I will recognize and clearly remember, so when we meet in the physical world, we will already “know” each other. If there is any healing to be done in order for me to be with my sexy juicy soul mate of my dreams, please help me to experience that healing in the vortex while I am dreaming and while I am awake.

Also, please help me to be a vibrational match and to experience feeling worthy and deserving of  great love. Please also help me to wake up in the vortex, and help me to stay in the Vortex.


Dream Segment #1 – There is some kind of product that needs to be mixed and put together before I can buy it. It is some kind of love potion. I go to the place where I need to order it. A man who feels very familiar to me is my partner in ordering this product.  It could be a business or project we are starting together. I am on the phone with this man who is my partner discussing the order.  I am staying somewhere close by, and the man  is  in another room. We notice the guy down the hall who does not have a door. You can see all his stuff.

Dream Interpretation -I am buying a love potion, but I do not have a guy with me, means that he may not be in my life yet.  I am ready to manifest a sexy juicy soul mate relationship. Talking on the phone to the man who is my partner means keeping the lines of communication open. The part of the dream I am hearing that there is no door on some guy’s room means to me that he is open to a relationship and to me, and that I can see all of his emotional stuff-good and bad. Nothing is hidden.

Dream Segment #2 – I am going on a trip with a group of people. We have to leave our luggage, so they can put it on the truck. I leave my carry on luggage in the middle of a hallway. All of a sudden, I realize that my luggage is gone. It was my carry on luggage.  There is nothing in it.. It’s empty, and my name is not on it.  It is the luggage I am taking with me on the trip.   I find a guy who agrees to go help me find my luggage. He feels very familiar to me.  I think I am riding holding on to someone’s back who is driving or I could be riding on his back. He is wearing a white shirt, and I am touching his back. I am attracted to him, and I love him. This is a healing dream segment.

Dream Interpretation -This dream is all about emotional baggage from my recent past and long ago past that I may or may not be traveling with. My baggage is empty, and my name is not on it. It seems to me that the Archangels and God have emptied my emotional baggage. I could, however, be hanging on to a piece of it, because the empty luggage is found. I decide I don’t need it.  The man who I am riding in or on the back of could be representing my emotional baggage from the past; however, since he is wearing WHITE,  it could be either the Archangels or a new soul mate; however, he feels very familiar. I feel like my soul is telling me that I am riding in back of or on the back of the man I was recently dating.  As I am writing this, I feel him suddenly thinking of me, and the energy is intense; but just for a moment.  I feel it’s the man I was dating.   Whoever he is, he not ready to face me yet. Some healing has to be experienced first.

Dream Segment #3 – There appears to be a woman singing on stage with a microphone- Karaoke. She forgets the words, and she is singing it from a piece of paper that some man is holding in front of her. She is not very good.

Dream Interpretation – That woman could be me. Perhaps I am trying to express myself emotionally to someone, but I am having difficulty. I am not being heard.