Linda Kaye
Love Psychic Medium and
Certified Dream Coach

I love programming my dreams every night, and I look forward to my magical night time dream journeys with my chosen Dream Guides. I programmed my dreams last night with God, my Dream Doula, my Soul and Archangel Raziel for the specific purpose of cutting the cords of the vows of “suppressing my power” that were made by my soul when transitioning into this lifetime. In the past lifetime that I was meant to remember as a child,  I abused my power and controlled others.


I am staying somewhere with a bunch of people that I know. The woman that seems to be the leader of the group wants us to stay put, because she has plans for us. I think she wants us to clean things up or build something. We are all sitting around the table, and someone hands me an envelope with my name handwritten in large bold letters. Then I am handed two, then three, then four, then five letters and more all with my name handwritten on the envelopes in large bold letters. What I notice is that the first letters of my first and last name are written larger then the rest of the letters. The handwriting is beautiful. The envelopes are sealed. I open each letter, and the contents of the writing is small.  I get the vibe  that they are about money and banking. I read and review each one, and then I tear the contents of each piece of mail into little pieces. It’s private. Noone else needs to see them, but me. There is lots of food in the house. I am in the kitchen, and I see a bowl of rice and lamb (lamb curry) that had just been cooked, so I eat it. It is delicious. I have an appointment with the doctor in L.A., so I decide to take Uber.  I then change my mind, and I ask someone if they can drive me. She says yes, but then I change my mind about her driving me. I then see Cindy, and I ask her. She says yes, and we decide to go somewhere afterwards. We are going to be going on the freeway to L.A. From my point of vision while looking out the window, I am higher  up looking down on L.A. My appointment is at 3pm, so I am hurrying to get ready. I look at the clock, and it is suddenly 3:02pm. I am going to be late, but I have to put my earrings on. I am looking for the back of the earring, and I finally find it, and I put the front and back piece together, and they are now connected.


Now that I am awake, I have a strong sense that my mother  is the dark haired woman who  is  “running the show”. I feel like my mother is trying to control me in this dream, but I am not letting her. I decide to go and do my own thing and not let her control me. I have things to do, and it bothers me that this woman is controlling my time and my hours.  I feel excited and thrilled that I received mail, and wow the letters keep coming. I feel like I am being acknowledged for my name.  My name is getting out there more.  I feel like the letters and how they are written represent energy, and my energy keeps increasing. Energy is power.  I feel proud of my name and excited to see my name written  like that on the front of the envelopes. I feel strong,  powerful and worthy.  As I am reading and reviewing the contents of the letters,  the writing  inside is in small letters. I experience fear  that my mother and others will see and know my private business with my finances, so after reading and reviewing the contents,  I tear my mail up into little pieces.. My finances are NONE OF HER BUSINESS. I am in control now, and I am succeeding.

In real life, I felt uncomfortable with her controlling manner when it came to money.  When I moved 15 minutes from her, I had to hide what I purchased. Literally, she would come over unexpectedly and look in my closets. I always felt like my privacy was being invaded. I moved 3000 miles away from my mother in 2003, so I could live my life without my privacy being invaded.  She is now gone (RIP), and there is noone to invade my privacy. In fact, I did not tear up my mail for years. I felt free. Instead, I put my mail and bank statements in the closet for years. I finally had a professional shredder come out and shred them all.  When I see the rice and the lamb, I am excited to eat lamb curry. It is how my mother used to cook.  My mother used to give me care packages of Indian Food when I lived 1 1/2 hours from her and then 15 minutes from her. She was from India. In the dream, I am back in time in real life, before I had a car, and I had to depend on others to drive me around. That was the time when I was most  afraid of my power. Looking down on L.A. is showing me that I have come a long way baby, and I am on a higher level now.  Driving represents power.  It seems like in the dream I am back in my past before I had a car, which is represented by me trying to find the backs of the earrings and wanting to connect with my power.  I connect them to the front  visible part of the earring, so I feel like I made that connection. It is about time. It took long enough. Connecting the back and front of the earrings represents me moving forward and connecting to my future – PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE. I am excited about my future.


How can I continue to increase my power, particularly wealth? How can I continue to  break the vow of suppressing my power in this lifetime?


Although, my dreams did not pick up a past life, my goal is to continue to work on breaking the cords of the vows of suppressing my power in this lifetime.