Last night, once again, I programmed my dreams with the Spirit of my Ancestors. I asked them to please continue to come into my dreams and work with me to break free of the chains of poverty and scarcity passed down from generation to generation, so that I can make a paradigm shift from a poverty consciousness to a prosperity consciousness, and so that I can experience greater financial joy and  freedom then I have ever experienced before .

MY DREAM JOURNEY – December 3, 2018

In my dream, I created something artistically and beautiful. I was so proud of it. There was some kind of holiday, which interrupted my creation; and it was no longer accessible or available  to me.  I had to start over to re-create what I was creating, but in a different way through a different place on the internet where the holiday did not interrupt my flow of ideas and creativity. I found a way to do it, and I was successful at doing it.


This dream definitely shows me in a very simple way that my way to achieving prosperity is not necessarily the way I need to go. There is another way/alternative way, and I found it. Lit is like a different way of thinking-a different mindset. I do believe that I am making a paradigm shift from a poverty consciousness to a prosperity consciousness.