Dear God,  Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael.  Tonight please help me to experience deep healing and restorative  sleep without interruption..  If you have any messages for me regarding my future soul mate and about opening up my channels of  prosperity, please help me to remember those messages  Thank you God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael. I am grateful.


Dream Segment #1 – All I remember is that my bedroom window was broken.

Dream Segment #2 – I had a very weird phone in my bedroom. I think I was trying to pay a bill for $118 with it. I had to wait, because the woman that was going to take my information over the phone, so that I could pay it was going to be proposed to as a surprise by her boyfriend. I got to watch it all unfold on that phone while they got engaged. Suddenly these same people were in my bedroom showing me that how they set up a group alarm to wake everybody up in the morning.


The broken bedroom window, to me, represents the ending of my most recent last relationship. My joy and bliss were shattered. The weird phone shows me the opening up the channels of love in my life and even the lines of communication. Since the phone is in my bedroom and a woman got proposed to, I believe I am about to enter into a committed relationship. The wake up alarm shows me that I am waking up to a new beginning in life. All is not lost. Love and prosperity are coming to me.

Angel number 118 is showing me that there is about to be a manifestation of wealth and riches in my life. Regarding the number 8,  it is a fast moving number. For that reason, I need to be thinking about what I want in my life; because I know I can, and I WILL manifest it. The Archangels are letting me know that I should prepare myself for a massive increase  in every aspect of my life.