Linda Kaye


Dear God, John Of God and Archangel Raphael. While I am sleeping and dreaming, please help me to access my unconscious mind, so that I can heal my limiting  beliefs about money that began through my ancestral connections, past lifetimes and my childhood in the most surprising ways that I will recognize and remember, so that I live a more abundant life . Please show me the root cause, and then help me to lucid dream, so that I can reprogram my mind for greater abundance and prosperity.


Dream Segment 1 – I met this guy. He was very heavy, and I did not feel an attraction to him. I did, however, ask him if I could borrow something from him (can’t remember what). He said yes, so I went to where whatever I was borrowing was. He shows up, and magically he is not heavy at all. It was all a facade. Instead, he is very good looking and very wealthy. He is driving a  very expensive, fancy black sports car. He decides that he does not want to lend me whatever it was he had originally said yes to lending me. I felt very sad and very rejected.  I was attracted to him after all, but he no longer wanted me.

Dream Segment 2 –  There is a black dog on a leash, but I can’t see him even though I know he is there.

Dream Segment 3 – I am traveling somewhere, and I need to get back to where I am staying. This woman offers to take me on her motorcycle, but I cannot remember the name of the street or the name of the hotel where I am staying at. So after being on her motorcycle for awhile, we took a break to rest and relax at this place that she knew of. When we walked in, my brother and sister in law were there relaxing and ready to go to sleep with blankets wrapped around them. We hugged each other. They were quite responsive and quite happy  to see me. The woman driving me decided to rest and relax in a chair, and then she just wanted to go to sleep there. I wanted to leave, but she would not get up. Everyone was sleeping, but I was ready to go. I made up a name where I was staying at (The Holiday Inn), but she still did not want to get up to take me. I then decided to call a cab.


Dream Segment 1 – The guy appearing heavy to me means that I am carrying a lot of emotional burdens having to do with men and money carried over from my mother’s beliefs about money. For me, my relationship with money is directly affected by my relationships with men. They are the same. it brings me back to my childhood and when I was a young adult. My mother constantly told me that a man would always want me for my money. As a result, I kept myself from having a lot of  money just so I would be insured that a man would not want me for my money. I have always felt a financial distrust towards men as a result, so I kept myself single. My mother was ripped off by my biological father who disappeared with her money never to be seen again when I was 2 years old.

Dream Segment 2 – The black dog on the leash represents my unconscious beliefs about money. I can’t see those beliefs, but I know they are there.

Dream Segment 3 – Riding on a  motorcycle (even though I am riding on the back) symbolizes my desire for greater financial freedom, so that I can cruise and travel much more often then I am doing already. My brother and sister in law and I do not talk much, and it has to do with my brother thinking that my mother favored me over him, and the fact that she did things for me financially that he was not happy about. Other people that I knew, walked in and were quite willing to sleep wherever they could. Everyone is sleeping. I am not sleeping, because I am quite anxious to get to the Holiday Inn. Choosing the Holiday Inn just means my desire to go on a cruising holiday. I decide to call a cab, because the woman decides that she would rather sleep then take me.

I feel like I am working very hard in reprogramming my mind for greater abundance and prosperity.