When Amy and I were dream partners programming eachother’s dreams and our own  for the last 12 days of Mercury in Retrograde, half of those days we programmed our dreams with Morphius, Lord Of Dreams (along with others),  for removing obstacles to creating a soul mate. Thursday night was the last night of our  dream partnership as far as programming our dreams for eachother. We are still dream partners in a way, because we coach eachother through our dreams every morning.

After Mercury went direct on Thursday, I decided to call Morphius into my dreams. I also asked God , my angels and my fairies to come on the dream adventure with us.  All of a sudden, before I even had a chance to go to sleep, I literally heard a male voice speak very loud and clear in my ear, and I instantly opened my eyes. Of course, there was noone there. It lasted for about 7 seconds, and it was not in a language I understood. I knew instinctly that it was Morphius, and that it was some kind of Greek Dialect. On very rare occassions, I have heard a woman’s voice in my ear yelling my name “Linda”!

After the wonderful find and purchase  of the beautiful statue of  the Hindu God Ganesh at the mall yesterday, I felt like I was supposed to program my dreams with him. He is the remover of obstacles, and he can help us with issues concerning wealth and success. I channelled Morphius to see if he wanted to be a part of it last night, and the  message I got was that he just wanted to work with me alone or with members of his family, like Hypnos, his brother (God of sleeping). He told me that I am to wait for a few days before I programmed my dreams with him again, so last night I did dream programming with Lord Ganesh only.

To be continued…….later today.

By the way, if any of my readers have had the experience of hearing a clear voice in their ear, please comment in my blog. I am interested in hearing other people’s experiences.