Last night, I had trouble sleeping. It was approximately 2am in the morning before I actually got to sleep. I strongly believe that me not being able to sleep had to do with the fact that I forgot to take my Thyroid meds (Levothyroxin) yesterday morning. Instead, I took  my pill  around 7pm when I remembered. Seriously, I will never take it in the evening again. Now to get back to dream programming. I programmed my dreaming and sleeping angel and my prosperity angel. I asked them to help me to raise my core vibration and my wealth frequencies while I am sleeping and while I am awake.

In my dream, I had trouble sleeping, and it had something to do with my soul’s vibration or my core vibration. Things were definitely shifting and changing in my dream and very quickly. I needed to make some changes and fast. It also felt like I decided to or was asked to leave some kind of group, which in my interpretation feels like I had to leave my old vibration behind to go to my new vibration.

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