I am feeling a lot of gratitude towards my healing angels, my archangels and my guardian angels, because I am programming my dreams with them for the continuation of the strengthening of my wealth connection in the most surprising way that I will recognize. I also asked them to point me in the direction that I need to go for my highest best good in all areas of my life in the most surprising way that I will recognize. I went on a very powerful dream journey last night, because I experienced some very strong dream recall when I woke up this morning.


Dream Segment #1 – I dreamed that I woke up in the middle of the night.  I then went downstairs, and I opened the front security door. I looked outside in the dark of night to get fresh air. The security guard opened his door to see who had opened the door, and I said “It’s just me”.  I was not happy with him, because I heard he killed his dog.

Dream Segment #2 – A woman that works  in the resort I live in, came to my home. She was crying. I invited her to sit down at the table. I asked her if she wanted coffee, but she didn’t.  Suddenly other people showed up, and I never got to talk to her about why she was crying. One table turned into two tables, and then suddenly my home expanded into a giant office with partitions everywhere. Somehow, I got a little tiny cut on my finger. Next thing I know I am told that I have to change where I live. The resort has taken over my home. I am searching for the reception desk to find out where my new home will be. I find it, and there are 2 big dogs laying in front of the reception desk. I asked the people behind the desk if the white dog closest to me was friendly. They said yes. I was not afraid of the dog, but I do not think I petted it. I tell the girl at the reception desk that I was on a cruise or was going on a cruise that was taken over by nudists, but she was not impressed. She said that they do that sort of thing all the time with different groups. I was given a new home to live in. I make sure that she let my ex  and a couple other people know that I now have a new place to live.  I go searching for my new home, and I am directed to a huge sign with the number 103. My new home.


In Dream Segment #1, when I opened the security door to look outside,  I was opening the door to the unknown. It was pitch dark, and I was NOT afraid. I felt secure.  Knowing that the security guard had killed his dog did not make me happy, but I am sensing that the dog is the old me, and I am evolving into a new state of consciousness. I am letting my past go. I am safe.

In Dream Segment #2, I feel like I am moving forward in my life. The woman showing up at my door crying represents the old me. It gave it away when I offered her coffee, and she turned it down. Due to something  traumatic that happened to me in the year 2000, it effected me drinking coffee (long story). I shed a lot of tears during that time. I am in a much more happier place living in here in Florida at Caliente Resort. Expanding from one table to two tables and then to a whole big office in my home means that my soul and my minset areexpanding to a higher level of consciousness and a new way of thinking, and my business is expanding.  I have outgrown my limited conscious state of being, and I am going to a new and more evolved conscious state of being.  In the dream, I cut myself, which to me means that I am cutting all ties to the past. Having to move to a new home means that I have outgrown my limiting beliefs, and I am evolving. I wanted the people at the reception desk to let my ex know that I moved. That to me means that I have let go of the past.


I feel thrilled that I am growing and evolving.


In doing some research, I discovered that dreaming of a white dog is my conscious self – who I am and who I am becoming. Angel number 103 is a need for me to embrace change in my life. Angel Number 103 is also calling to attention my healing angels, archangels and guardian angels are guiding me in  a new direction like I have been asking in my dreams.


To continue working on myself through my incredible dream journeys.


I am grateful to Kathy Waits, my emotion code practitioner,  for my powerful emotion code healings that I have had over the last couple of weeks-removal of trapped emotions,  removal of heart walls and removing wealth walls. I see and feel a difference in myself and the world around me.