Linda Kaye, Pink Chick Psychic &  Dream Goddess Dream Coach

I am very excited by my dream journey last night. I did my dream programming with my Guardian Angel, Archangel Raziel and Mr. Sandman. I asked them to please work with me in my dreams   in cutting the cords to  my past life  vows of  keeping myself alone and single and also in breaking my belief and vow of not deserving a more prosperous life. I asked them to guide me and light my path to the wonderful future that I desire.  I invited Mr. Sandman  to make sure that my sleep was not to be disturbed while they were all working on me.   Read on for my dream recall.


In my dream, I am not alone.  There is a man with me, but I do not know his first name. I called him Mr. ____. Since, I did not quite get his name, I am calling  him Mr. So and So for now.  We are trying to find a name for something. Traffic is heavy and congested as we maneuver ourselves through traffic heading to our destination. I believe he is driving. We get to our destination, and it is probably a hotel, because I am following Mr. So So upstairs. I  ask him “Mr. So and So, what room number are we going to”?  He says, “We are going to number 7”. I am feeling lost and a little bit of fear of the unknown as I am following Mr. So and So upstairs to Room #7.


First time – I am awake and lying in bed. For clarification, I ask my Dream Guides for dream reentry. They show me a ball of light, and I am following the ball of light. Since I always ask my Dream Guides to light my path to a soul mate relationship , it makes sense to me.

2nd Time  (Reality Check) – I am awake for about an hour, and I do dream reentry again. I unexpectedly go back into a childhood memory in which my mother is taking my precious rag doll away from me. I am freaking out and crying.  “You don’t need it”, she says. She would take the things that I loved and put them in a care package to send to my father’s relatives who at that time were trapped behind the Iron Curtain. I was left to feel unworthy and that everything and everybody that I love would be taken away from me. I never quite forgot about that rag doll. When I was in my 40’s, I told my mother how traumatized I was when she took my rag doll away from me. She immediately went out and bought me a rag doll. I still have it. In fact, she sits next to my year round pink love tree (Christmas Tree).

3rd Time – Oh my goodness, it is now around 2:30pm in the afternoon. I call in Mr. Sandman, Archangel Raziel and my Guardian Angel into my dream reentry to ask who the Mr. So and So was in my dream, and I am barely into meditation when I realize that it is Mr. Sandman who I followed upstairs to Room #7. He was the ball of light guiding me in my sacred enlightening journey of discovery. It is obvious that I have a fear of the unknown.


My dream interpretation (due to my dream reentry) is that Mr. So and So, who I now know is Mr. Sandman is my guiding ball of light. Maybe I am either wanting to discover my soul mate‘s name or I could be wanting to get my name out there even more as a Dream Coach. I have a passion for helping others through their dreams. The number 7  for me in my dream represents rebirth, sacred vows, spiritual awakening, and enlightenment. I feel excited by this dream.


I used the Saints and Angels Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue. I have a number of Doreen Virtue’s oracle card decks. I am excited about the oracle cards that I drew when I asked for the meaning of my dream. The first card I picked is the card called “Marriage” with a focus on St. Catherine. The card is showing me that I should program my dreams with St. Catherine for attracting a soul mate to me and for creating a union between two souls. The second card I picked is “Love” with a focus on God.  It is a reminder for me to call upon God for help with everything and that I am not alone.  God is with me. I will program God into my dreams tonight. The third and last card that I picked is “Look Deeper” with the focus on my Guardian Angel. I will find some quiet time and do some more meditating on my dream today, and I will also call upon my Guardian Angel in my dreams tonight.


What is in Room #7?


I will call  St. Catherine, God and my Guardian Angel into my dreams  tonight for further exploration and insight into what is in Room #7. I will also go back in time to the incident with the Rag Doll, and see if I can lucid dream to erase that traumatic memory.

UPDATE 3/28/17  – I am currently taking an online course through Robert Moss. I shared this dream on our private facebook page, and here is his response.

Seven is a favorite number for levels of spiritual ascent. I led a shamanic journey through the chakras in another class last night and noted that in the familiar numerology, the seventh energy center is the crown chakra, opening into spiritual connection with higher guides and perhaps the Higher Self. So if this is my dream, and my reentry, I may on my way to a closer encounter with the Beloved of the soul on a higher level.