I am such a mushy romantic Hallmark kind of gal.  I believe in love at first site,  holding hands, PDA, juicy sexy kisses, spooning, delicious sensual nights making love and juicy sexy soul mate love.   I have learned through the years  the magic of  manifesting  beautiful love at first site soul mate connections each and every time I decide to manifest a soul mate to share share my heart, mind, body and soul with. 

I am in the process of completing a series of  3 books for Kindle called “The Soul Mate Series”.  These books are for all of you who believe in the magical and mystical powerful connection between two timeless souls who will forever love each other through eternity. We all have more then one soul mate throughout our lifetime; however, not all soul mate connections are meant to be.  It is meant to be for as long as it lasts. My books will take you on a beautiful and sexy journey into the arms of your future soul mate. 

Book 1 – How To Know When Someone Is Thinking Of You – is available in Kindle ebooks for $2.99. This book will help you to stop obsessing over your lover or ex lover, because it will show you how to know when your lover, lost love or soul mate is thinking about you. It then goes even further and shows you how to tap into the deepest, most intimate, private, hidden thoughts, feelings and intentions towards you. The magical mystical power of love will not be a mystery to you after you read this book.

Book 2 – Sexy Love Affirmations – is a fun, unique and sexy affirmation book written like a cookbook with hundreds of recipes guaranteed to keep you happy and smiling for days in and out of the bedroom.You can create a fulfilling and lasting relationship with someone new with her 3 Step Recipe to creating your soul mate or improve an otherwise stale relationship into something fresh and exciting, like freshly baked bread. You will love her chapters on Cooking Up Great Sex and What Kind of Lover Are You? There are recipes for 24 different kinds of loversYou will never be hungry again!

Book 3 – Manifesting The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Your Dreams.  Do you want to have the safest sex in town with your dream lover before you meet him or her in the physical world? I know you will love this book.  This book will be available by the end of January. Stay tuned…..