Before I went to bed Wednesday night (10/19), I programmed my dreams with God and Celtic Goddess Gueneviere to open me up to receiving all the gifts meant for me from the universe. I am so grateful for being on the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise, and I will be blogging my experience once I return home.

I journaled my dreams, but I did not have time to blog them due to it being a full day of workshops on the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise. I am back now, so I am able to blog and connect with the dreams that I had.

I dreamed of someone I know who in real life has cancer and is taking some kind of life extending drugs. In my dream she was in the jacuzzi and shaking. I kept trying to tell people she was dying of cancer, but they kept saying that she looked good to them. They could not see her internal shaking-only me. I then carried her out of the jacuzzi to place her on a chair, but first I had to clear away the stuff of the chair in order to place her on the chair. I successfully cleared off the chair.

In the second part of the dream, I borrowed a spoon from someone.  I then tried to return it, but I could not find where to put it back.

I also dreamed that someone I know had diarrhea and as a result lost 60 pounds.

Well all these dreams are personally very clear to me. I am being shown that I am opening the door to nurturing and healing myself and clearing away the emotional debri.  This is represented by the woman that I am carrying. That woman is me. The spoon represents me nurturing myself as well and wanting give and take. I would love to be and feel nurtured myself. With the diarrhea in the dream and losing 60 pounds, represents me releasing a huge amount of unwanted negative thoughts and beliefs, and that doing so is lightning my inner self.