Last night, I programmed my dreams with my healing angels, my archangels and my guardian angels for the continuation of the strengthening of my wealth connection in the most surprising way that I will recognize. I also asked my healing angels, my archangels and my guardian angels to point me in the direction that I need to go for my highest best good in all areas of my life in the most surprising way that I will recognize, understand and remember.


Dream Segment #1 -I dreamed that my best friend, Donna, and her boyfriend are staying overnight at my place. They insisted that they sleep in my bed with me. I am very upset, because Donna is taking up my side of the bed, and her boyfriend is taking up the other side of the bed. I don’t want them in my bed. There is not enough room. I keep telling them to please leave my bed and go in the other bedroom (my office) where my daybed is. Steve says no, because it is not comfortable. Donna says that there are rules, and that it is not legal to kick someone out of your bed. Steve  said that my clock was too noisy. He then got up and took my clock apart, so that he would not hear the noise. I wake up around 5am, and I record this part of the dream.Then I go back to sleep.

Dream Segment #2 – I show up in this woman’s bedroom or it might have been my second bedroom (my office) at 7:20am. I realize that it is early, and I apologize profusely for showing up so early. She has a shiny silver little box that her check book is in. This woman looked very familiar to me, like I had met her before perhaps in another dream or somewhere in time, but I just could not place her or remember her name. She was wearing a long white top and a knee length blue skirt.  I even looked through her check book to find her name, but I could not find it. We go out in the living room to talk, and suddenly Donna and Steve come out of my second bedroom. I tell her that she is about to see a naked man, but she does not mind. Donna shows up next to us, but I cannot remember the woman’s name to introduce them to each other. Suddenly, another woman shows up as well. The next thing I know, both  the women with the shiny silver check book and the woman that just showed up are in my bedroom smoking pot. One is on the side of the bed I don’t sleep on,and the other is on the floor. Then I open another door, and there is my brother, Robbie. I ask him how he got in the house, and he said he has his ways.


The woman with the blue skirt and white top looked familiar. I sense that she is the new me, and I don’t quite yet recognize the new me yet.  I pretty much figured out the pot smoking part. My email address that I use on my website has 420 in it. It was my old condo number in California. When I created my business email address in 1999, I had no idea that it was the police code for pot. Now everyone thinks I smoke pot, BUT I DON’T. I believe that means that because they are not on the side of the bed I do not sleep on, I am giving readings in my waking hours. I am making money. It also means that I will continue to make money through my business, because the check book is shiny and silver. As far as my brother, Robby, showing up, I told him the other day I was making him executor to my will, but I have not completed it yet. I believe this was just a reminder.

This clock could mean the emotional side of my life. I have been single for a long time. A couple of months ago, I had my spirit dream in which I have connected with my soul mate in my dreams, so I know he is on his way. I sometimes wonder if time has passed me by. I have been divorced since I was 21 years old, and at the age of 66 I have never remarried.  My best friend is 61, and she is now in a spiritual marriage with the love of her life. Maybe this dream is telling me not to worry about age or time. It could be letting me know that I have to share my space with someone if I am going to have a long term relationship.


I hired an Emotion Code Practitioner, Kathy Waits, to remove my wealth blocks this week, and so I am processing and evolving.


Absolutely relieved that my friends were not in my bed.


How much money was in that checkbook?


Continue with my dream journey and my Tony Robbins affirmation