Dear  Spirit of my Ancestors and my Ancestral Teacher. Please come into my dreams tonight and help me to free myself of the core belief (that may have passed down in my family line from generation to generation) that I don’t deserve to be loved and that everything and everybody that I love will be taken away from me (including money),  so that I can  attract my future perfect true love to me for a permanent relationship. 


I am frustrated by this jigsaw puzzle I am trying to put together. I cannot get all the pieces to fit . I want to give up, and I started putting the pieces back in the box. I saw a man in my very recent past that I have strong feelings for. I asked him to help me to put a personal ad together, so that I can post on the bulletin board. He helps me to write it. “Petite woman looking for love….” There is an airline ticket sitting on the counter. I am told it is for me; however, it has a man’s name on it that I do not recognize. 


Obviously, I am consciously looking for love in my dreams. Since I am single in real life, I am writing a personal ad with the help of a man who I have feelings for, but who is no longer in my life.  Perhaps it means that I am letting him go, so that someone new who is for my soul’s highest and best good can come into my life. I am declaring and announcing it to the universe that I do deserve to be loved, and that I am ready to find the perfect new true love of my life. Being given an airline ticket, means that I am ready for the journey of love. I notice that the ticket has a male name on it that is foreign to me; however, I am told that the airline ticket is for me. Perhaps I am being given a ticket to love.  As for the jigsaw puzzle, in real life I am presently trying to put a jigsaw puzzle together of Europe, and I am almost ready to give up. In my dream, it represents the jigsaw puzzle of true love.  The dream is telling me that this is a symbol to not give up on finding true love, so I have also decided not to give up on the jigsaw puzzle together no matter how long it takes me.  

I did ask to Lucid Dream; however, I am not sure that I did. I am working on Lucid Dreaming as a means of shifting my thoughts, feelings and beliefs.