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Last night, I programmed my dreams with my healing angels, archangels and guardian angels.  I thanked them for the heart wall healing I had from my Emotions Code Practitioner, Kathy Waits, for releasing my heart walls, because all my angels were there during the heart wall healing . I also asked for my healing angels, archangels and guardian angels to release my wealth walls in the most surprising way that I will recognize. Click here to visit Kathy Waits’  Emotion Code Facebook Page. She works on animals and humans. Amazing lady!


I dreamed that I was experiencing some major healing. In the dream, I was at some kind of family gathering , and their mother was there from Italy. At first I thought that she only spoke Italian; however, it turned out that she spoke fluent English. We really got along fabulously. These people also had a dog. The dog absolutely loved me, and he was constantly licking me and wanting to be near me. It was a medium sized brown dog.  I called my brother, and we started out having a descent conversation. He told me that he was studying to be a hypnotherapist. I was excited.  I asked him if he was going to use it on his students, and he said yes. I asked him if he would give me a session, but he hung up on me. I called him back, and he hung up on me again.


When I first woke up this morning, I feel out of sorts and upset that my brother hung up on me. It made me feel like I was being dismissed,  that I am not important and that I don’t count. Now as the day moves on, I understand the dream so much more, and I am excited. Please read my dream interpretation.


What I feel and believe is that Italian mothers are very loving and nurturing, and they usually have large family that they cook for. On, I discovered that I have 46% European, which 10% comes from Italy/Greece Region (on my biological father’s side). I strongly believe that this Italian woman could have been an ancestor in which the heart walls have been healed from generations ago. The dog licking me is that I am being shown that I am loved and my emotional wounds are healing. A dog can represent a man coming to love me and heal me.

About 2 months ago,  I had a dream that my brother and I were on the phone, and he was telling me that he was studying to be a doctor. About a week later, I found out that he  had a CT (Calcium) Scan of his heart right around  the time of the  dream, and it came up with a score of 1200, the worst you can possible get. I am now realizing that the heart wall healing must have helped him, since Kathy Waits heals through generations. Last night in the dream my brother was telling me that he was seeing a hypnotherapist, and that he was going to use it with his students. When I asked him in the dream last night if he could work on me doing hypnotherapy, he hung up on me.  I feel like  the healing of his heart walls effected him,, and he is still processing it. Time will tell how it effected him and how it changes our relationship.


My brother and I don’t really get along.  We occasionally text each other. Out of the blue, my phone  accidentally dialed him a couple of days ago.  I know there are no accidents.  We had a pretty descent conversation until he started to be a bit condescending like he was better then me, but we hung in there for longer then expected.

According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, when a heart wall is present, it can create:

  • Depression and emotional numbness
  • Feelings of isolation and disconnection from others
  • Relationship problems
  • Trouble giving and receiving love
  • Success blocks and  trouble finding your true calling
  • Heart disease and heart attacks
  • Blood pressure problems
  • Chest pain and upper back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Lowered immunity and difficulty in healing

Dr. Bradley Nelson says that once the Heart-Wall is cleared many people have reported profound changes in their lives.  The changes are often seen in areas of health, both physical and emotional, plus  relationships and careers.


I cannot wait to see the changes will happen for me now that I have had a heart wall healing?


To continue to work on myself in my waking hours and while I am asleep in moving forward in my life.