Soul Mates Kissing

As a self proclaimed DREAMER and a CERTIFIED DREAM COACH, I love  going on my wonderful and amazing DREAM JOURNEYS every night to experience people, places and situations near and far. There are days when I look forward to my bedtime, so I can crawl into my cozy bed and talk to my chosen DREAM GUIDES. My DREAM RITUAL every morning when I first wake up is to immediately  get my dream journal out and write as much as I can remember. I then blog them here for everyone to see. Sharing my DREAM JOURNEYS is not only important for my DREAM JOURNEY, but for YOURS as well. I have about 90% DREAM RECALL.  If I do not remember my DREAMS when I first wake up, I lie very still with my eyes closed; and I ask my chosen DREAM GUIDES  to help me remember. The memories of my DREAM TRAVELS always come flooding back instantly  (like this morning).

My chosen DREAM GUIDES for last night were my DREAM DOULA, GOD and MY SOUL. I asked them to light up my path and guide me into the arms of my future SOUL MATE and to guide me into a long term committed relationship.  Although the dreams from the night before were a little perplexing at first, I began to understand my dream and the fears I had in the dream as the day progressed. I have a sense that all my DREAM WORK is paying off and that my SOUL MATE is on his way, especially from my DREAM last night. The DREAM that I am about to describe is familiar, since in my many years as a DREAMER, I have had PRECOGNITIVE DREAMS before in which I have dreamed about a SOUL MATE months before he came into my life. We have always kissed or made love or held hands or had deep conversations.


A man that appeared in my dream last night. He looked like someone I know, but I am not involved with.  We appeared to be working together in the same place. I was really surprised to see him, because he looked so different. In the DREAM, he had lost 300 pounds. He is standing there, and I am so blown away by the change in him that my mouth falls open in astonishment. This man standing there is absolutely gorgeous. He looks fit and is very handsome to me.  He approaches the table where I am working, and we kiss in a very passionate and powerful way. I tell him that he is hot, and he says that I must really like him, because I was kissing his gums.  There is shredded white paper on the floor where I am working at the table. I attempt to pick up the  shredded white paper.  I then hear others speaking across the room about the man I had just kissed.  There was also white shredded paper in their area. They are saying that he had lost 300 pounds, because he had a bowel blockage; and that he had to lose the weight to get rid of the bowel blockage.

Now, I am aware from past DREAM experiences over the years that when a future SOUL MATE appears in what I call a SEXY SPIRIT DREAM in which we kiss, make love, etc., like this one was, he takes on the look of someone I know.  This is so I can connect to familiar energies of the soul mate coming in.  It is never the man that I see in my dream. In the DREAM, he transformed. I now realize that my SOUL MATE is on his way to me. It could be months away, but the fact that I know he is coming makes me very happy. On March 4th, I had a sexy juicy kissing dream where the man had a  red love tattoo on his arm of a woman.

The number 3 represents the union of body, mind, soul and spirit, and the white shredded paper on the ground means to me that all those hidden beliefs and fears inside of me are being shredded and are being cleansed out of me. I am healing. This has been weighing heavily on my body, mind, soul and spirit, and has been emotionally weighing me down. The bowel blockage represents my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) that I know is a direct result of my fears and insecurities regarding my love life. My IBS occurred when I lost my 2nd love in 2000 to another woman. I have had it ever since.

3/18/17 UPDATE – Today at the pool, I was talking to a woman whose father was in the hospital for a bowel blockage. What was even more interesting was that she used to way over 300 pounds, and through a bowel reconstruction surgery lost a lot of weight.

I am still looking forward to the new juicy kissing lover coming into my life.

UPDATE  September 2017 – I have been dating a man since very early in July that I have known for 5 years. Our kisses and our chemistry are amazing. He is definitely the man I dreamed about.