I programmed my dreams last night with God, my angels and my spirit guides. I  asked them to come into my dreams to magnify my prayers for love, prosperity and enlightenment from the book, Marianne Williamson’s book, Illuminata,  and to help my prayers come true.

In my dream, I am attending a workshop in a hotel, and the workshop is being run by a man. I am staying at the Biltmore Hotel, which is a different hotel from the workshop. The Biltmore Hotel was down the street from the workshop. I asked someone what hotel they were staying in, and they said this hotel. They said the name of it, but I do not remember the name. Since I did not know that staying in the hotel where the workshop was going on was an option, I immediately wanted to go to  the 3rd floor reception to see if there were any rooms available for me. There was only 3 of us in the workshop plus the man putting on the workshop. Our small group workshop was actually part of a larger group. Our workshop was being held in someone’s hotel room. In fact, it was one of the attendee’s rooms. He was sitting on the bed, and the bed was unmade. While in the workshop, I could not get changing my hotel room off my mind. Since the workshop was just beginning, I told the man putting on the workshop that I was going to go to the 3rd floor where reception was to check and see if there were any rooms available. He was not happy, but I grabbed my keys, and I told him I would be back shortly.

I could not find the elevator for the third floor, and I did not even know where the third floor was in the hotel. In my journey to find the elevator, I encountered kids in the hallways and a naked woman  in the hall who was drying herself  off with a towel.  I finally found the bank of elevators, and there was a huge crowd of people waiting for an elevator. All the elevators were going up, but we all wanted to go down to reception on the 3rd floor. We all crowded onto the elevator. The good news is that there was a room available for me in the hotel.

Now I find this dream very revealing and very interesting, since in real life I am going on a nudist takeover of a Carnival Cruise Ship in February. Yes all 3000 of us will be nude. This is an all adult cruise, so there will be no children on the ship. . It is a nine day cruise, and there will be some love, intimacy and sexuality workshops on the cruise. They are going to be held on the 3rd Floor in the Raphael Center. Sign ups for these workshops on the cruise come out in January, and they only have room for 50 people; so I have to be on top of it to reserve a spot the second I see the email.  To me, Angel Number 3 is an indication that my angels are definitely trying to get my attention and that Archangel Raphael is speaking to me in this dream. I also sense that the third floor is showing me that this is a precognitive dream- a psychic premonition. Seeing children and smiling at one child is showing me that I am working on healing my inner child. For me, a hotel represents transformation and letting go of past beliefs.   The elevator going down is not a bad thing in this dream, because we were all meeting with the Angels.  It also means going to deep down into my subconscious to change my inner beliefs. Grabbing my keys in my dream means I have the keys to love, prosperity, enlightenment and happiness within me.

Wow! I am blessed and thankful for this amazing dream that I had last night.