Dear  Spirit of my Ancestors and my Ancestral Teacher. Please come into my dreams tonight and continue your work on me in removing the chains of poverty and scarcity passed down in my family blood lines from generation to generation, so that I can feel like I am enough, and so that I  can  open up my heart to romantic love and attract the perfect right soul mate to me for a permanent relationship  and to increase the flow of abundance and prosperity to me BECAUSE I AM ENOUGH, and I AM WORTHY. 


I drove to some kind of meeting place. The women there were wanting to adorn their faces and bodies with jewels. One girl placed what looked like a phone on her butt. At one point I could not find my glasses, and I could not see as well. I immediately found them in my purse. My mother appeared just as I was walking outside through the glass doors.  Right when I went through the glass doors I noticed a blister on the inside of my elbow. I thought it was strange, and I wondered if it was because I had just gone through some blood tests (for real). I told my mother that I was flying first class, and that we could not sit together, and then I realized that I was in the area, and I had driven to the location. I see that the blister keeps leaking liquid, and it is dripping off me, so I go find a napkin to clean it up. I accidentally cover the blister with mayonnaise. I realize my mistake, and I quickly remove the mayonnaise. I then look down again, and a very thin squiggly line of blood is coming out of the blister. I walk inside this other see through glass building to find a bandaid, because of the liquid and the blood. I walk inside this office, and my mother is sitting down, and she is arguing with this tall dark dark haired man. They are both quite upset. I ask for a bandaid. He goes and gets me one, so that I can go on my merry way. I know now that I am lucid dreaming, because I am realizing right then that it is the blood of my ancestors that is coming out of the blister. 



Wow! What an amazing dream journey I had last night. First I want to say that the thin squiggly line of blood coming out of the blister is ancestral blood, and it is on my mother’s side of the family.  The negative effects of the ancestral blood line has come to the surface in the form of a blister that finally burst. First the liquid substance was pouring out of the blister, and it was coming out of the ancestral blood line on my mother’s side.  I tell my mother that I am flying first class, which in real life I love to do. This means to me that I am letting her know and letting myself know that I am freeing myself of the chains of poverty and scarcity passed down in my family line from generation to generation. Covering the blister with mayonnaise is my childhood memory of my mother always conditioning my hair with mayonnaise leaving it on for hours even if we had company. I resented her for doing this in front of company, and  I hated that stuff on my hair. I was cleaning up that memory by wiping it off of the blister. Going into an office, I am seeing my mother arguing profusely with a tall dark haired man with a white coat. He looks like a doctor, but  he  reminds me of my biological father from pictures that I have seen of him. I don’t remember him. He disappeared when I was 2 years old. I only discovered the shocking reason a couple years ago, which I will not reveal in this blog. He went and got me a bandaid. In most cases a bandaid just covers up the problem, but I feel like it could have been part of his bloodline too. The bandaid is helping me to heal the past.  I feel that adorning myself with jewelry is improving my status in life. Opening the  glass see through doors and walking outside means to me being able to see things more clearly. Also, things not being so fearful, since it looked like a bright sunny day. I am definitely making progress. The girl with the phone on her butt, well that is a mystery. LOL. Perhaps it is me saying F#@%@ the past.