In my continuing journey to enlightenment, healing, direction and connection, I once again programmed my dreams with my Higher Self (my inner God) and this time I asked Celtic Goddess Gueneviere to join me in my dreams. Goddess Gueneviere is a very powerful love goddess who I feel a strong connection with. I asked them to continue to raise my core vibration and to point me in the direction I need to go with the book I am writing, with my dream coaching and psychic reading business, with my love life, with my finances and with my health while I am sleeping and dreaming; and, of course, while I am awake.

I woke up from my dream at 5:51am this morning. In my dream, I was invited to be at an event where we had to get seats early. I wanted to sit in seat number 333, because there was a light in that seat that I wanted to connect to. A friend, however, told me not to sit there; because she was saving those seats. She did not want me that close to her. I then went to the other end and put my sweater on seat number 6875, but there was no light there. It bothered me in the dream that there was no light in that seat and that my friend would not let me sit in seat number 333. I halfway woke up, and decided to change the outcome. I told my friend off, and then went and sat in seat number 333. The lights started flashing and I heard ding ding ding (like a slot machine). I felt like I won, and I still feel that way.

Angel number 6875 adds up to the number 8. It says that I am stepping into my personal power, which I used in telling off my friend. I want to be in the light, and she (or anyone else for that matter) cannot take the light away from me.

After doing some research, I discovered that seeing the angel number 333 in my dream is a signal that I am on the path of spiritual growth and I am now living from love, my higher self, and the Holy Spirit (yeaaaa). 

The angel number 333 is also a reminder that the Divine, the angels, and the ascended masters are working with me on a number of levels. It is a signal that the entire universe is conspiring with me to accomplish my dreams and desires.  

333 is  a sign of my spiritual gifts and psychic abilities awakening and developing in my life even more then they already are.

The number 3 is a number for growth. It means that I am in the process of growing in one or more areas of my life. This is needed in order to move and make room for the increase of abundance that will soon be happening for me in my life. This is also a reason to eliminate some things out of my life that are not fruitful or bringing me much pleasure.

Angel Number 333 is a message that my guardian angels, etc. are sending me a reminder that I am due for an increase in a certain area of my life. It could be love, financial blessings, love, peace,etc. upon reaching equality for myself in balancig my body, mind and spirit. 

WOOHOO! Thank you God, my Higher Self, Goddess Gueneviere, the angels, the archangels and ascended masters. I am incredible grateful. 
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