Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael (for healing) and Mr. Sandman (for the much needed sleep that I desired). I asked Archangel Raphael to light my path and guide me  in the direction that will connect me with  the right people, places and opportunities for me to expand my business, increase my income, sell my kindle ebooks, find a soul mate and cruise more often in the most surprising way that I will recognize. I asked also that he  guide me while I am awake as well.


My dream journey began as I was in a waiting area waiting to travel somewhere. There were all these seats available. I was about to sit in the seat next to a woman that I knew, and suddenly this guy named Raphael plops down next to her and takes up two seats with his legs. I motioned for him to move over, so that I could sit down next to my friend. He moves to the seat next to her, so that I could sit on the other side of him. I gave him this are you crazy look,  so he got up and sat across the room facing me.


I know someone  named Raphael, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this man in my dream was Archangel Raphael disguised as the guy that I know named Raphael. He, once again, was trying to get my attention; and he got it. I am pretty clear that Archangel Raphael was being playful, and this is his way of guiding me. He is with me. Thank you Archangel Raphael.


I felt pleased, because I know I am being guided.


Archangel Raphael where are you taking me on my dream journeys?


To continue to pray to Archangel Raphael while I am asleep, and while I am awake. Also, to continue to pay attention and be alert to the signs in my waking hours that  I am being guided.


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