In preparing for last night’s dream healing journey, I programmed my dreams with God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel.  I asked them for their support, so that I could continue to experience  oneness with my divine source. My number two request for my dream healing journey was for experiencing a paradigm shift from scarcity to abundance. I also asked them to please guide me in creating an exciting juicy sexy love life,  in saving more money for greater financial security and for traveling more extensively. I asked for all of this to happen in the most surprising , exciting and  profound ways that I will recognize.


Dream Segment #1 –  I remember was that I was working on clearing my unnecessary layers, so that the real me can be exposed.

Dream Segment #2 -I met these women, and they were telling me about a workshop. They asked me if I knew a certain guy who attends them. I said yes. We are all trying to figure out if it is the same workshops, and then I suddenly remembered that I attended a couple of women’s workshops last year (for real). Theirs turned out to also be  women’s workshops as well.  I am thinking it is the same one. They could not tell me the name of the workshops, but they were clear that the workshops were in San Francisco. My workshops were not in San Francisco, so I knew that we were talking about different workshops.  A woman that I knew years ago named Linda came in, and she apologized for being in my space and overhearing the conversation. She said “Don’t mind me”, and she went and sat in a corner. She was wearing dark blue.  I was curious as to which workshop this was, so someone left to go find the information for me. I see the woman outside a store. I think she might be trying to paint something white, but I was not sure what she was doing. She had a ladder.


I believe that dream segment 1 & 2 are connecting with each other. I also feel like I was astral traveling and connecting with women who have the same interests in growing, evolving and ascending as I do.  We are on the same plane, and so we are growing, evolving and ascending together. This is represented by the woman painting the store front white and the ladder.  Last year, I took a couple of workshops that were primarily all women. I am also wondering if this is a precognitive dream of a woman’s workshop coming up in San Francisco. I am not aware of any right now, but I will keep my eyes open for any. Perhaps in the dream I was in San Francisco. The woman named Linda could have been astral traveling as well, and just could have popped in for a visit. She was wearing dark blue, and this means to mean that she was never a good energy to be around. We have not been connected for a long time.


Who is the guy that they brought up that we all knew? Something to contemplate.


I plan to continue on my dream healing journey of discovery, healing evolving and ascending.