Dear God and Archangel Raphael. Please send your sleep energy through me, and calm my mind; so that I can sleep deeply and soundly uninterrupted through the night.  Whatever messages you have for me that you want me to remember, please help me to remember the dreams and messages that you have for me without it disturbing my sleep. Amen, and thank you. I am grateful.


I woke up from this dream yesterday morning. I am in a hotel. I put the room key in the door to my room, and I opened it. The key worked. To my surprise, there were three other people occupying that room. They did not seem surprised when I walked in, nor were they bothered that I was there. I got the feelings that they did not see me even though I was right in front of them. . I felt confused, because my room key fit into their door. I felt confused, and I wondered why people were in my room. .  I did not even know my room number or what floor I was on. I just showed up at the door, and the key worked.  I decided to go down to the desk to find out what my room number was. I am in an elevator, but it is moving sideways. I get off, and I find the front desk, but not before I see where there were a lot of game machines. Behind the machines was the front desk. I was still confused, and I was not explaining it to them with a clear head. I sounded confused and off. I do not think I ever found out my real room number and the floor I was on. I did eventually get to the correct hotel room, and I noticed that there were a bunch of change purses on the bed, and I found my bigger purse and my change purse on the bed. .  Also, the vent was missing on the wall next to the toilet. I called someone’s attention to it, and it was either fixed or replaced.


Seriously, I truly believe that I astral traveled to the hotel that I am staying at in Chicago where the Celebrate Your Life event is in about 17 days from now. I am anxiously waiting for the time to fly by. It was the right hotel room, but I was there too early.  The elevator going sideways is a good indicator of  me feeling like I am not making progress in my life financially  like I desire to do.  The change purses on the bed, to me, represents prosperity to me, and the bed represents love and intimacy to me. There were others in the room that either did not see me or that did not care that I was there, so that is why I believe I astral traveled to the hotel room ahead of time.