Last night, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and Ganesh. I asked them to work with me in my dreams in showing me the moment I decided in my childhood that I wanted to struggle financially and that I did not deserve to have a lot of money.  I also asked them to help me lucid dream, so that I could shift my fears and insecurities about money. 

In my dream, I was either invited to be a member of an exclusive very large old organization that catered to the rich or I was invisible peaking into the world of the rich. I believe that you have to be rich to be a part of this organization. There were many many rules to this organization. There were certain times that you could go, and you could not go too many times in one day. I was pretty nervous about following their strict rules, and I felt priviledged enough to be entering and peekabooing into the world of the rich; however, I did feel afraid in the dream that I would not be able to follow the rules of the organization or even that I might be asked to leave this organization. I felt uncomfortable, like I could not be myself there, and I had to be on my toes at all times. You have to be smart to be rich.

In my dreams, I then opened the refrigerator door, and there was a very loud pop. That was me coming back into my body. I must have been astral traveling into the world of the rich.

DREAM INTERPRETATION-I grew up in a house where there were strict rules about money.  Simply put, in our house, you did not spend money. I lived in constant fear of my mother. She ruled the roost. I had to be perfect for her, and I was never perfect. I never felt good enough, smart enough, pretty enough or worthy enough for her. I was afraid of money, Money had to be saved. Yes, they constantly worried all the time about money. I have decided to program my dreams tonight to stop my pattern of worrying about money, which is very obvious to me where it came from, and  in my dreams tonight  I am going to  ask my Dream Doula and Ganesh to help me rewrite my story/my script/my contract with money and to find a new relationship and a healthy contract with money. I will ask my Dream Doula and Ganesh to show me the way.