Last night was another fabulous night of dreams. I love where my nightly dream journeys and adventures take me. Due to my strong desire to experience a Paradigm Shift in my dreams (and while I am awake), I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael letting him know that I am quite ready to experience a Paradigm Shift. I have had 66 years of a way of thinking and moving about the planet, so shifting my way of thinking in a new and different way is what is important for me. This is so that I can experience more inner personal freedom in all areas of my life and in the way I move about my life. I want to feel lighter as if I am on a magic carpet ride floating through life. I am ready for big changes to take place within me and around me. I also asked Archangel Raphael to heal me, guide me, cleanse me and transform me in all areas of my life in the most exciting, surprising and profound ways that I will recognize.  I always ask for the messages that I receive in my dreams to be loud and clear, so that I will understand and remember them.


As usual, I am lucid dreaming go back and forth in my dreams reminding myself to remember each dream snippet. I have feelings like I am on a cruise ship. I am with my mother (RIP) and my two brothers. Each of my brothers brought me a deck of oracle cards. I did a 3 card reading for myself, and the reading came out quite positive. I don’t remember the cards. Then I did another reading for myself on my love life with each oracle card deck, and both oracle card readings were quite positive. One card reading showed a very very bright vibrant turquoise heart.

The next thing I know, I am trying to sleep, but there is so much noise. I need it to be quiet. There is a lot of banging going on like banging on pipes. There are people  out in the halls talking loudly, and they are making so much noise. I need quiet to sleep. I try changes places where I sleep, but then I end up in the bed.  I put on my noise cancelling head phones, but I still keep getting interrupted. At 1:30am in the morning, I try to enter the dining room for dinner, but I am told I am too late. The door is closed, and I cannot enter. I settle for 3 pieces of chocolate for dinner.


I am on a cruise ship in my dreams. Cruising is what I love doing, and I have a desire to cruise more often. In real life,  I read from 27 different Oracle Card Decks. When I first woke up, I believed that I had two more  oracle card decks. Doing  Oracle Card readings for myself is how I receive knowledge, enlightenment and healing each day. I feel guided by the cards. I thought that it was very powerful that both my brothers gave me the gift of Oracle Cards., which for me means that my relationships with them are going through powerful and divine healing channels. The lines of communication are opening between us.  The readings that I did for myself were all positive, The very bright vibrant colored turquoise heart in one of the love readings represents healing of my heart. This bright colored turquoise heart could be showing me that I am open to receiving male energy for a relationship.

Archangel Raphael was certainly trying to get my attention with the loud banging while I was trying to go to sleep in my dreams. Obviously, he is working on me quite intensely like I asked him to, so that I can experience a Paradigm Shift. It does not matter whether I am sleeping or not, because he is working hard to get my attention. After all, I did ask for the messages to be loud and clear. The door being closed to the dining room, feels like the door is now closed to the old me. I made the best of it by eating 3 pieces of chocolate, yum.

I referenced the website, for angel number 130. Archangel Raphael is letting me know that the obstacles that are appearing in my life are  happening for karmic reasons, and that this will become obvious to me in a short time. This is the process of breaking new ground for me for my Paradigm Shift, and this will bring about new opportunities for me to grow and expand my personal spirituality.  Angel number 3 for the 3 pieces of chocolate means  that my prayers are being answered.


I have been doing nightly dream work for about a year now. Since then, my relationship with brother #1 has improved remarkably. Our conversations are longer and much more easy flowing. I am hoping for the same with my brother #2. A couple of weeks ago, while driving in the car, my phone unexpectedly dialed brother #2’s number. I did not initiate it, since we rarely talk on the phone.  I strongly believe that it was divine intervention. We ended up having a longer conversation then our rare brief conversations The angels are definitely working through my dreams on our behalf.

I gave myself a one card reading this morning from the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Card Deck, and a card fell out. It was the card called ACCEPTANCE.  Archangel Raphael is letting me know that it is time for me to surrender myself to him for healing. He is letting me know that everything that I am working for in my dreams and while I am awake is going in the right direction.


Happy, peaceful and relieved


What changes are going to take place in my life?


To continue to work on myself through my dreams, to pay attention to my dreams and to take action while I am awake.


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