You can have some amazing dream journeys programming your dreams with Archangel Raphael for healing and guidance like I do every night. All you have to do as you are laying in bed ready to go to sleep, ask Archangel Raphael or any other Archangel that you want to work with to come into your dreams for guidance and healingEach Archangel has his/her own healing modality and purpose.  It is important that you ask Archangel Raphael to help you remember your dreams in vivid detail. Sometimes I only remember a portion of a dream, but I am certain that the dream snippet that I remember is what I am divinely meant to remember.

Archangel Raphael is my favorite Archangel to work with, because he can heal you and guide you in all areas of your life -finances, finding new love, heartbreak, troubled relationships, travel and more. I thank him for his powerful healing energy and his divine guidance in my dreams and in my waking hours. He is also a great Archangel to call on before, during and after travel. I have had some really cool miracles by asking him for guidance. The other day I asked him for guidance in booking a cruise to Europe in May of 2018.  I was a little concerned about how much the airfare would cost. Suddenly, I felt guided to check my American Airlines miles, and to my surprise I discovered that I have enough miles. I hadn’t used my card for awhile, so I had forgotten about those miles.

In my dream journey two nights ago, Archangel Raphael showed me that there was an alternative, much easier and  less tiring way for me to follow HIS guidance in  receiving greater blessings, bliss, love and prosperity while I am asleep and while I awake. Last night,  I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael to light my path and guide me in the direction that HE feels that I need to go in my life in my dreams and while I am awake that will make me the happiest, the most prosperous, the most blessed, the most romantically loved and cherished by my future soul mate  and the most well traveled in the most surprising and most memorable ways  that I will recognize.  I had absolutely no expectations. I asked him also to hold my hand and walk with me in my dreams and while I am awake to take me wherever I need to go.


The first dream snippet had to do with being in a foreign country,   but then I had the second dream snippet.  I was lucid dreaming, because I  kept reminding myself  while dreaming to remember the second dream snippet. Needless to say, I lost the first dream snippet.

In the Second Dream Snippet,  I am having some kind of gathering at my home, and it feels like a singles gathering. All the people attending this gathering are people that I know and recognize as being single in real life. At the gathering, I notice my bedside table on the left side of my bed (the side that I don’t sleep on)  is filled with at least 2 inches thick of dust if not more. I mean it’s thick.  I see items like picture frames and other knick knacks mixed in with the dust. There is even one little ant crawling around in the dust. I am embarrassed and filled with shame.   I do not want anyone to see all the dust. I clean it up, and I start putting things away and getting rid of things. I am cleaning and cleaning and cleaning while the party is going on. The next thing I know, we are all gathered in a circle.  I am laying in my sleep number bed in the circle. I have a sleep number bed in real life. All of a sudden, the  massager  that is part of the sleep number bed goes on by itself. It starts massaging my back-upper, middle and lower back. It feels good, but I am surprised that it went on by itself. After awhile,  I’ve had enough. I want to turn it off, but I forget how to turn it off. I believe I finally figure out how to turn it off. A friend of mind shows up at the party, and she is accompanied by a friend.  Suddenly she transforms from being overweight to noticeable skinny.


In my dream, I felt embarrassed and ashamed of all the dust.  When I woke up, I felt thrilled that I had such a clear and detailed dream.


The side table that the dust was on is the side that I do not sleep on. It would be the side that a man would sleep on if I were in a relationship. It has been awhile since I have been involved with a man. Yes, I do feel embarrassed and maybe even a little ashamed that I am still single. I am, however, cleaning and cleaning and getting rid of stuff  in the dream. This  means to me  that  Archangel Raphael is purging me of anything that is unnecessary in the healing and cleansing process of my life as it stands now. I do not think that it just means my love life. It means all aspects of my life. I know Archangel Raphael is getting me ready for a new lover and soul mate, more travel adventures, greater bliss and more financial security and freedom.

According to Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life“, lower back pain represents fear of money or lack of financial support. Pain in my  middle back may be connected to guilt, and believe me I have plenty of Jewish guilt. Upper back pain I am pretty sure is  related to me holding back love or feeling unloved. My  sleep number bed massager was massaging all of my back in my dream, which I loved even though after awhile it was a bit much. I feel like Archangel Raphael is  and was healing my body, mind soul and spirit. He was also showing me the areas that needed to be worked on. I did not have to do the work in my dreams last night, he did.

My sleep number bed has 2 remotes. When I woke up, I got t the remote that has the massager to confirm that it was set to #25. Wouldn’t you know it, the remote for the messager was not working. It was working before I went to bed last night.  I ended up having to replace the batteries. I am pretty sure that Archangel Raphael used up the battery juice on me  in my dreams last night working on my body.  I can’t wait for my dream journey tonight.

This afternoon I discovered that the last part of my dream in which a friend of mine transforms from being overweight to skinny is a precognitive dream.  She told me that her goal for next year is to have gastric bypass.


What is the next step for me to take in my life.


Offer myself to Archangel Raphael for him to heal me every night and during the day, and to receive divine healing, light and love.


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I am looking forward to my dream journey tonight. Hope your dream journey tonight is just as powerful. Please share them in the comments section of my blog.