Linda Pink Chick Psychic

Last night, I programmed my dreams with my higher self and my Inner god (same thing) and The Wonderer, my beautiful blessed turkey feather given to me by Denise Linn on the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise. I strongly feel the spirit of an indian (The Wonderer) in that feather, and I keep him on my dream alter. I asked to have a clear connection to communicating with my inner God, my higher self and The Wonderer. I asked to be pointed in the direction I needed to go with both my dream coaching and my psychic business, the book that I am writing, my finances, my love life and my health. I also asked for them to work with me on continuing to raise my core vibration.


I woke up briefly from a dream at 3:25am and recorded my dream. I dreamed about traveling. There were different trips that I could choose from, and a couple of them were healing trips.

I can tell you this very clearly that having just come off the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise (a new age metaphysical cruise) last week, I experienced alot of healing on that cruise, and I am still experiencing a lot of healing energy even a week later.. It was such a powerful experience in healing my body, mind, spirit and soul.  I am going on a nude cruise in February. Yes, the whole ship (Carnival Glory) will be nude. I have been on at least 5 of those nude cruises, and they can be a healing experience for the body, mind, soul and spirit. I also have the opportunity to take a group of people on the Intuition Cruise in April (another new age metaphysical cruise).

Click here to read about my experience on the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise and about the group I am taking on the Intuition Cruise April 9-15, 2017.


When I went back to sleep after recording that dreamed, I started dreaming again. I dreamed that I met a guy who belonged to the other nudist resort down the street, Paradise Lakes. I live at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort. For some reason, in this dream, we went to a medical facility for me to be checked out. The guy was trying to check me out medically, and he was preventing me from sleeping. I was upset, because he woke me up at 3:25am to check me out medically. I am trying to sleep, and he is not allowing me to sleep. I kept telling him to leave me alone, and to let me sleep. He was making too much noise, so I put on headphones, and I went back to sleep.

While in the medical facility,  I said something to some random guy, and he got mad. He knew the guy I was with, and he told me that the guy I was with was in prison 10 years ago. I later asked the guy I was with why he was in prison 10 years ago, and he would not talk about it. He said that he was not ready to talk about it, and when he was ready, he would let me know. Normally, the fact that this man had been in prison would have raised a red flag for me, but I decided to go with the flow and not judge. I felt a really strong connection to him in my heart, and I decided to be in the moment and go with the flow. Being that he was a member of Paradise Lakes, the other nudist resort down the street, he wanted me to go there with him. He knows a lot of people there. He did not want me to be late, so we went. I forgot my umbrella. It was pouring rain, and my hair got wet, very tight and curly, but I do not think that I cared.

I woke up at 7:00 am from that dream. Dreams between 5am and 7am deal with issues that are cluttering or clogging up our lives. Please read the interpretation of my dream below.


I am experience a major amount of healing having been on the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise, and I am still healing in body, mind, soul and spirit. I am also still raising my core vibration. In the dream, it feels like to me that I am being pointed in the right direction for my body, mind, soul and spirit. My higher self, my inner God and The Wonderer are working on me, and they are interrupting my sleep. I am feeling the vibration of their healing energy. I am not happy about them interrupting my sleep, but I am grateful for their healing energy.

In my dream, the man that I met from the other clothing optional resort, Paradise Lakes, represents my dream man. Being in love, gives me a feeling of being in Paradise; however, I always find things wrong about them. This prevents me from really connecting with someone with my heart. In the dream, I let it go that he had been in prison 10 years ago, and decided to go with the flow of my heart and be in the moment. I am being healed of this belief that something is wrong with every man I am with. This is also a sign within myself that I have withdrawn from relationships in the last 10 years and have kept myself alone. I have dated though. I am freeing myself of the bounds that I have placed on myself.

I married at 19 after knowing him for a very short time.  I wanted to get married to get out of the house. I was not in love with him. At that time, I did not know what love even was. I was so young. I refused to see that there was something wrong with him health wise. My whole family could see that he had something physically and mentally wrong with him though. They questioned him, and his family took me to their doctor, where I was told that he was in perfect health. He wasn’t. After we were married, I wanted a baby so bad. His family took me to their same doctor, who made it look like they checked me out medically. They told me that I would never be able to get pregnant; and if I did, the baby would come out retarded. I was young, so I ignored the fact that they never took blood tests, checked me, etc. After that, I never wanted a baby again, and I never had children. It wasn’t until years later when speaking to a new gynocologist that I realized that they had “pulled the wool over my eyes”. I know from the very depths of my soul, that I emotionally blocked my tubes. His parents knew there was something wrong with him, and wanted him to get married. They did not want to be responsible for him. I believe he had some psychological issues and MS. When I left him, his family had put him in the Neuropsychological Institute at UCLA. I just could not take it anymore.

About 17  years after we divorced, I ran into him and  his family. He was in a wheelchair, and could not move his limbs. I never got over being lied to, so I always think there is something wrong with a man I am involved with. I believe in the dream that I am being healed of my past, so that I can freely go into a new relationship and be in the moment. The cleansing from the rain as I am being taken into “Paradise” is proof that I am in the process of being healed. Thank you God.