Linda Kaye
Love Psychic Medium and
Certified Dream Coach
The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Your Dreams


Last night, I programmed my dreams with “The Cloud”, my spirit animal (the horse) who lives in my very special blessed turkey feather. My turkey feather was blessed by Denise Linn. The turkey feather  now lives on my prosperity alter, which is in the rear left corner of my home; and also happens to be in my bedroom. I also programmed my dreams with my other special blessed Turkey Feather (by Denise Linn) called “The Wonderer”,  an Indian Spirit. It sits on my Dream Alter in my bedroom.   I asked “The Cloud” and “The Wonderer” to work with me in my dreams for lighting my path and guiding me to greater financial freedom and financial security and also for raising my vibration to more spiritual enlightenment in a surprising way that I will recognize.  It turned out to be an interesting dream journey with some interesting dream recall last night.

DREAM RECALL – In my dream journey of enlightenment last night, I was  being examined. I asked for water, because I was told I could not drink water while I was being examined. I must drink water, and I did drink water anyway. I needed a pillow to lie on during the examination. There were no pillows around, but lucky me I managed to find one. In the examination, they did not find anything wrong with me.  Someone needed to pick me up from somewhere, and I found a better way for him to pick me up through another way. He just had to make another left turn.


I feel so peaceful and filled with love and joy.  I feel like  I connected with my spirit pillow, which to me represents “The Cloud”, my spirit animal (the horse).


I brought both blessed Turkey Feathers to the head of my bed for stronger dream recall last night.


The pillow, for me, represents love, comfort, support, security, happiness, joy. The pillow also represents “The Cloud”, my spirit animal (the horse), and the connection I feel to him.  Drinking water represents cleansing, nourishing, balancing, healing myself and taking control of my needs. Making the extra left turn means, to me, that I am changing directions and evolving spiritually. I am taking charge of which direction I go in. There is nothing wrong with me, and I believe they mean on all levels. Thank you God.


How will the spiritual shifts in me show up in my life?


Continue to program my dreams with both blessed turkey feathers for guidance and lighting my path to raising my vibration of enlightenment and  to greater financial freedom and security.