This past weekend, I was at the Celebrate Your Life Convention in Chicago.I purchased a John Of God Necklace, and I have been programming my dreams and asking for healing dreams while holding the necklace in my hands or wearing it. My John Of God necklace is very powerful.  I also had a session with one of Dr. Darren Weissman’s colleagues (Infinite Love and Gratitude) for emotional healing.


In my dream there is a man in my community who is a dentist or orthodontist. He seems to be an available bachelor, and the women are swooning over him. He shows interest in me, and he asks me out on a date to a restaurant called New York New York. As we are getting to the restaurant, I hear someone mentions that there is a hurricane on the way. I am surprised, because the sky is clear. I have not paid much attention to the news lately. I was not at all concerned about the hurricane.  He tells me not to tell anyone that we are going on a date, because of the gossip. I tell him that a couple of the women already showed jealousy. I keep thinking to myself that his name is Bob, but I am not sure. I cannot remember. His name has slipped my mind. I know I need to ask him. We are on a date, and I completely forgot his name. We are waiting to get into the restaurant, and then suddenly he disappears. He doesn’t come back, and I feel abandoned. I know I need to call Uber, but I am not sure of the address where I am. I walk into a massage place, but it is not the restaurant; so I walk out. I am still trying to find the address.


Now that I think of it, I lost my second great love NAMED BOB to another woman about 18 years ago. I haven’t thought about him in years. There was a lot of jealousy and gossip that went along with my relationship with him. I bring this up, because during the time that I was going through the pain of losing him to someone else, I got benign fatty tumors in my lower left back & in my left hip. I had them removed, but I have had chronic pain in my lower left back ever since. I also moved from So. California to Florida (land or hurricanes) right after that. Perhaps this dream is telling me that healing is going on, and he (the memory) is being removed from my physical body (since I could not remember if Bob was his name in the dream).

The restaurant was named New York New York. Now that I think of it, it is the city that never sleeps. I have had problems with not feeling like I am getting enough sleep since January. I am off balance somewhere, and it is due to some emotional losses in the last 9 months. I am about to be tested for Adrenal Fatigue. Today, my blood was tested for hormone and thyroid imbalance.  It is time for a reset. The dentist or orthodontist means to me that something needs to be healed or fixed. I have lost myself, but soon I will find myself again.

Since I live in Florida there could be a hurricane on the way this summer.