I  programmed my dreams with the Spirit of my Ancestors. I asked them to please come into my dreams and help me to break free of the chains of poverty and scarcity passed down from generation to generation, so that I can make a paradigm shift from a poverty and scarcity consciousness to a prosperity consciousness,  so that I can experience greater financial joy and  freedom then I have ever experienced before.

My Dream Segment 1  – December 2, 2018

Simon Cowell asked me out on a date. I was very excited, and I got all dressed up. While waiting for him, I decided to go out into the darkness of the night. I do not know why I went out into the darkness. I decided to come back home, so I would not miss his knock on the door. He picked me up; however,  instead of going in his expensive car, we ended up as passengers on a bus. He then sees a woman that he has bought candy from, and he went to sit with her. After her, he went and sat with another woman. I felt abandoned and alone.At this point I began to lucid dream.  When he finally sits with me again, he says ” I thought you did not want money”. I answered him, but I do not remember what I said.

My Dream Interpretation 

Simon Cowell represents wealth and fame to me. I was excited, because I knew I was going to be among the rich and famous. I never thought that I deserved to be among the rich and famous.  As I only can only speak for my mother’s side of the family, I know that they were from Burma and India, and they were poor.  I do not know about my Ancestors on my biological father’s side. I know I feel a deep sense of guilt about spending money and also about having money. I was brought up thinking that I did not deserve money and all the glam and glitz that I have always desired to have. The darkness to me is the fear of the unknown. I have a very strong fear that men will only want me for my money. My mother raised me to believe that; so when I was younger, I frivolously spent all my money. This insured me that no one including a man would ever take my money. I was disappointed, because we were on a bus for our date. Up until I was 40, I did not drive. I took buses everywhere, and I felt angry everyday. It felt like I was living life in slow motion.  When he sat with other women on the bus, I felt emotionally and financially abandoned in the dream just like I felt as a child.  Even though I never wanted for anything, certain circumstances in my childhood made me feel like I did not deserve to have love or money.

My Dream Segment 2 – December 2, 2018

I am now in a hotel, and a very wealthy man from the TV Show The Property Brothers had me sign for money. Now it is time for me to leave. I keep changing my shoes. Then I keep trying to find the front door to leave the hotel, but first I went out the wrong door. I instantly came back in, and a female hotel worker took my hand and guided me to the front door. Now I know how to go through the front door, I go to the bathroom; and I change my shoes again. A woman comes into the bathroom, and she has me sit on her lap. She tells me that she fell in love with a woman on a singles cruise. She is touching my butt at the same time she is telling me this. In my mind, I am thinking that I fell in love with a guy on a singles cruise.

My Dream Interpretation 

I signed for money, which to me is exciting. It means that I gave myself permission to have the prosperity that I desire to have. I do not know if the Property Brothers are wealthy, but they are a symbol to me of owning property and having money. A hotel is a temporary state of mind, so this dream is showing me that I am transitioning from my poverty and scarcity consciousness to a prosperity consciousness. I am lost trying to find the front door to the new world that I am transitioning to. First, I keep needing to change my shoes, and that shows me that I am transitioning and changing my beliefs about money. I believe that the woman in the bathroom is me. I heard somewhere that rubbing the butt is supposed to bring good luck in love. The woman said she fell in love with a woman on a cruise as she was rubbing my butt. My thoughts were of someone that I fell in love with on a cruise. I am sure what the future holds; however perhaps I will be lucky in love with whoever is in my future. After all, I am going on a singles cruise February, 2019. Stay tuned…..