Linda Kaye

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael purely for removing the blockages to me getting some really good industrial sleep and for important messages of healing  that he deems important for me to remember. I had a really good nights sleep. I slept at least 8 hours, which was very much needed.


I am sitting in a room full of people. I texted someone, and I told her that I was really glad that when her husband flirts with me that she does not take it seriously. She asks me if I am ok, and she tells me to call her.  I call her immediately.  I tell her that there are times when I feel left out at the club where I live, because I am single. Couples do not want me to hang with them. I told her I would never want anyone’s husband. The next thing I know, it is as if a shade is pulled up behind me, and we both discover that she is sitting in the row directly behind me.


I have been single for a long time.  I live in a clothing optional resort, and I have noticed that couples do not  always want to include me in gatherings. I have never been the type to want to steal someone else’s husband. To me, the shade pulling up means that the light has turned on and blockages have been removed for me to move forward in my love life. The couple I dreamed about have a lovely marriage, and I can tell they really love eachother. I feel like Archangel Raphael is either letting me know that opportunities are soon going to present themselves for me to meet someone and manifest true love.  The woman that I was texting and  talking to on the phone turned out to be sitting in the row directly behind me means that feeling alone and not included is now behind me. Perhaps even my singles status will change.




I plan to continue to work on myself through my dreams.