I programmed my dream with Venus, Goddess of Love and Sex, last night before I went to sleep last night. In my dream, I am in a hotel attending different personal growth workshops.  I have met some very nice people, and there are a couple of woman I am intending to be friends with.  Someone asked me if I had talked to this one particular guy. I said I had seen him, but I had not talked to him yet. This person told me that the guy was interested in me. I was happy, because I was interested in him myself.  At one point, I was trying to find my hotel room, and I passed by Room 333. I eventually found my right room and the lobby.

The hotel, to me, feels like I am in a temporary state of mind. My life is about to change as I am evolving through the workshops; and since my focus is on love, sex and romance, I am transforming into a woman who is ready for her man.The guy being interested in me, well that’s cool. I am ready and waiting for him.  Angel Number 333 is letting me know that the Ascended Masters are in my vibration, and that they are responded to my prayers and dream programming.  I have had hotel dreams in the last six months,  I have noticed whenever I have had hotel dreams that my life seems to shift for the better.  In fact, the night before, I had a dream that I was in a hotel or on a cruise ship, and that I was attending a singles function; so I am prepared.