I have been reading Robert Moss’s book, “Dreaming The Soul Back Home: Shamanic Healing For Dreaming And Becoming Whole”. It is a fascinating book. Last night, I programmed my dreams to bring in my soul’s beloved. Some will believe that their Soul’s beloved is Jesus. For me, my Soul’s beloved is a deep soul mate connection. Each of us has our own reality. I asked for my soul’s beloved to work on releasing me from my fear and insecurities of sharing my sacred space and falling in love. I also asked if we could connect and meet on the astral plane before we meet in person. I know I have some fear of connecting with my soul’s beloved, since I worry about whether or not I should trust my feelings and emotions due to a  marriage that I entered into when I was 19 just to prove to the world that I was normal. Wierd, I know, even when I so long to be with my beloved.

Dream Segment #1

I had a very restless night last night. I woke up at 2:21am with the following dream: There is this brown dog that looks like a German Shephard. The dog is hanging around my home. Somehow he entered my house and collapsed. We discovered that the dog at a terminal illness and that it was just a matter of time. I believe that my fear woke me up.

Before I went to bed, I watched a Netflix movie about a man who had a terminal illness and died.  He found it, because someone found him collapsed on the floor. For the rest of the night, I had difficulty sleeping, but I did catch periods of sleep and dreaming. I believe the Angels woke me up from that dream. Angel Number 221 is a message from my angels telling me to maintain a positive outlook in regards to my love life, and it will manifest as my desired results. My angels  are offering me constant guidance and assistance.


Dream Segment #2

In the dream, I am going on a cruise, and I am going with a group of people (which actually I am in real life). We stop at a friend’s house, and I have to go down some very steep  long set of stairs. The railing was very difficult to hold on to.  It was scarey to walk down those stairs. When I got down to her home, all my friends were there.  We are socializing, but then suddenly I looked around  and everyone seems to have left me behind. I am worried about my luggage still being in someone’s car. I am sitting at this  table alone, and this man  wearing all white suddenly appears and sits next to me. He says a few words to me, but I do not remember what he said to me. He appeared to have dark hair and a dark moustache. I did not realize until I started blogging this dream that he could have been my soul’s beloved. I then get up and walk down this long corridor, and there are all these people dressed in white and maybe a few people with some black on. It is as if I am walking with the Angels in heaven.  The black is spotty, mostly white, showing me that I am slowly clearing out my fears and insecurities being shown in black. The Angels are surrounding me and protecting from the fear of “darkness’.

This car pulls up beside me, and the person in the front seat is wearing white, the person in the back seat is dressed in spots of black. There is also a pit bull that is all black, but is now sprouting wings. A woman’s voice loud and clear says to me “I took a piece of your shortcake Linda”. She said it loud and clear to me, and it feels like she said it right to my ear.

I realize that my fears, represented by the stairs, took over my dreams last night. Going down the stairs is like I am allowing my fear to take over. I am asking for what I want, but it is a little scarey for me.  When I am afraid, I cough. I woke up coughing.  I know that I am safe, because I am being watched over by heaven’s angels. Perhaps that was my soul’s beloved who showed up all dressed in white and sat next to me when I was worried about being left behind.  I asked for what I wanted, and I got it.  I am thinking my emotional baggage (luggage) went away with my friends. The woman’s voice speaking in my ear, well that was interesting. I am only 4’10”, so that makes total sense to me. In this dream,  I also feel like I was part of a soul meeting, and that I am being told that a connection was made. I honestly feel that the woman’s voice could have been my mother’s voice. I feel that in my childhood she deeply hurt part of my soul.  Now it’s time to get it back; however, I will leave that for another day. Now I need more sleep.  :-).


The first card that I picked is THE UNSEEN. Yes, I do have a fear of the unknown and of allowing my soul to fall in deep love. I have been in love before, and I have been hurt. Haven’t we all. The second card that I picked is FALLING IN LOVE. In otherwords, kissing the divine. I am sensing that a powerful magical relationship is on it’s way. All I have to do is allow him to come in. The third card I picked is TIME AND TIDE, which they are telling me to rely on the mysteries of the ocean to bring him in with the tide. The 4th card I picked is ATLANTIS. I get it. It is time to release my fears to the angels and let the divine in. Things will be developing in my love life rapidly for me if I allow that to happen.