Last night, I choose to program my night dreams once again with Lord Ganesh (God of  wealth and abundance and also of removing obstacles) again on my money and abundance issues and blockages. I have been channeling Ganesh, and I have  been receiving messages from him. Last night, when I channelled him, he told me that he wanted to work with me in my dreams at least 3 more times. For those of you who don’t know, I am a psychic medium and dream coach.  I have been programming my dreams since  approximately May in anticipation of  attending the Gateway Dream Retreat in August in Santa Fe.  Programming my dreams has  activated my precognitive dreams and lucid dreaming skills big time.

The first part of my dream occurred somewhere in the timeframe between 3am and 5am. During this time, we tend to dream about  issues concerning spiritual development, inner grief, receiving love, letting go, completion, freedom and expression. Although, I did not Astral Travel last night (or at least I am not aware of it), this is when we are most likely to astral travel. Psychic and transformational dreams also happen during this time.

This was definitely a spiritual dream for me. In the dream, I had to do something to connect to a higher level of consciousness every morning, which to me felt like a series of things from a list that I had to do on a daily basis to accomplish what I want to happen in my life. I was setting out each morning with the list in my hands, and I was doing it.  This dream made sense, since I am programming my dreams every night.

When I first woke up, I did not  remember exactly what I was doing each day. I only remembered the crust of the dream, not the meaty part; however, now that I am blogging my dream, I am seeing that in my dream I was outside in the world with buses, cars and taxies going by. I see tall skycrapers and many tall buildings. I even see what looks like a bridge. The sun is shining brightly. To me, this means that I am opening up my world and seeing things from a higher level, and I am raising my consciousness for abundance and wealth (which is what I programmed my dreams for). I am raising myself up to who I really am and not to what I believed I was limited to as a child. I am not afraid in the dream. The bridge to me is a symbol for crossing over to the other side of my beliefs.   It kind of reminds me of the scene in the Mary Tyler Moore show where she is in a new city, and she throws her hat up in the air. She is free.

My biggest issue has always been my fear of running out of money. It does not matter how much money I have or don’t have, I am always worrying about it.  I could be a millionare, and believe me I would worry about it. My mother was from India, and they experienced the war and all it’s destruction. My father was in the holocost and lost most of his family. In our house,  the belief was that there was never enough. We had a roof over our heads, plenty of food and clothing. We were well taken care of, but  I adopted their belief of lack.

The second part of my dream happened between 5am and 7am. During this time,  among other things, our dreams might concern things that are cluttering or clogging up our lives. This is also a time of outer  grief, caring for others and self empowerment.  This is the time for processing the information and experiences that we have gathered during the day. It can also be a time when we receive dreams concerning other people.

In this part of my dream, I was in a hotel. It felt like I was sharing my room (space) with others, and I was not completely comfortable in this room.  I had a list of some things I was supposed to do, but I suddenly could not find the list.  I kept getting lost trying to find my room. I came across some people at the pool in bathing suits. There was some kind of seminar going on that I was attending, and an alarm sounded. It was an alarm warning that we were about to be robbed. I grabbed my purse, and headed toward the back door, but then I heard the announcement that everything was OK. I felt relieved. When it came time to check out of the hotel, I kept losing my shoes. I also kept finding new stuff and throwing it in my bag. The room was a mess with everyone’s stuff all over the place. Check out time was 11am, but it was getting close to 1pm, and I was afraid I was going to have to pay another night for the hotel.

For me, a hotel represents my current state of mind. I am in the process of shifting my inner beliefs and limitations, and I am also consciously working on removing all of the emotional clutter from my life.  This is the third hotel dream I have had in the last six weeks. Having to share my space has been uncomfortable since childhood. Somewhere in childhood, I lost myself along the way. I have come a long  since then, and now I am undergoing some sort of transition. I am working on moving away from my old way of thinking and beliefs. As far as the people in bathing suits, that’s tramatic LOL. I live in a nudist resort. The alarm warning going off about being robbed is my worst fear. I am always afraid of money being taken away from me and of losing it all. Another fear is of my sacred space being robbed. The announcement that everything was OK and that it was a false alarm, gavie me a feeling of relief. I did not have to worry about that anymore.

MESSAGE TO ME FROM LORD GANESH – You need to receive me two more times (two more nights). I am going to support you in your dreams, and I am going to resolve your abundance issues. You have a problem with not being willing to share your space, and that is causing you a lot of disappointments in your love life. Tthere will be a sudden end to your fear of sharing your space. you are going to wind up spending lots of time in your world building new beliefs. it is time for you to understand the work even more that you are doing on yourself. Change is not easy; however, you will wind up spontaneously noticing the changes as the weeks and months go by.

Two more sleeps with Lord Ganesh. Stay tuned…..