Last night, I programmed God, my dream angels and my friend, Amy, into my dreams to work on intensifying my prayers. Programming eachother into our dreams was an experiment we decided to try last night. Upon speaking to Amy this morning, she said that I came into her dreams and gave her some gifts. Here is my dream.

I dreamed that my computer/website person  was charging my $20 for something that she has never charged me  before, and I believe it was to shorten/fix an outfit that I had purchased (like a seamstress would do). In the dream, I have to go somewhere with her in the car, and I was not sure I wanted to go to some strange place with her. She was the one driving. I was not sure where we were going and if it was safe, but I went anyway. Next thing I know is that I am standing in the kitchen window upstairs, and I am being told that I could not spill water on the floor below; otherwise, I would have to pay $20. Well, I did spill water on the floor below, but it was only a few drops. I actually did not have to pay the $20.

My Dream Interpretation

The car and the fact that I am not driving, for me, represents the not feeling in control at the moment. My website person was sick last week, and so I could not get what I needed done on my website.

The number 2 is a prayer number and my connection with God. The 0 intensifies it. To me, it means that  I am planting the seeds of my prayers and for me to keep the faith. All my inner work is paying off.  Looking out the kitchen window gave me a peaceful feeling, because I am realizing that I am transforming and going to a higher level of consciousness and awareness. The drops of water suddenly spilling  to the courtyard below is showing that I am healing and squashing the negative beliefs, insecurities and fears that I carry around within myself.  Keep in mind that your kitchen window dreams will most definitely be a totally different interpretation from mine. What comes to light about the kitchen window is that it brings me back to when I was young. Even though we went to school, my mother used to keep my brother and me in the house when the other children were playing outside to give us extra unnecessary homework after we had completed our own. It made me feel like I was not smart enough.  I remember looking out the kitchen window feeling like I was missing out. I felt isolated. At the age of 12,  I found out  from my mother that my father was not my biological father. When my mother told us, my brother and my mother cried, but not me. I got up from the chair and backed up against that very kitchen window. That is the my memory of the exact moment my emotions went numb. 

In the website, Angel Number 20 is a message from my angels that things are happening behind the scenes that will be of great benefit to me in the near future. Even though I may not be experiencing these opportunities just yet, I am to believe that they are on their way to me right now. I am being told to have faith and trust in the Divine. I am being told to be PATIENT. OK then. :-). Thank you God, Amy and my dream Angels for being there for me. I am grateful.