Last night I programmed my dreams with Lord Ganash for removing obstacles to love, wealth, abundance and success. I especially asked Ganash to show me any past lifetimes that I might have brought into this lifetime in which I took a vow of poverty; and if there were any,  to please remove them while I am sleeping and dreaming. I also wanted to remove any vows of poverty in this lifetime. First I must tell you that I am not destitute, but I am working through my daily worries about running out of money. I think about it all the time. You can say I am a little obsessive on this subject. I don’t believe I experienced any past life dreams last night.

I woke up at 4:30am to journal the first segment of my dream. Dreams occurring between 3 and 5am concern issues of spiritual development, inner grief, receiving love, letting go, completion, freedom and expression. It is also about new beginnings and spiritual growth.

In this part of the dream there is a  tall slim man in a gray suit. He looks very handsome and debonair. I see a messy bed/bedroom that has not been made.  I see a  wedding and engagement ring on the dresser, and they seem to be the main focus. They are the only items on that dresser.  It feels as if the man is alone and perhaps suffering a loss. This dream helped me to see what is blocking me from having the love that I so strongly desire. My bed is not messy, but there is a lot of clutter underneath my bed along with purses and some luggage. When I go within to coach myself through this dream, I see that the luggage, purses and clutter underneath my bed is the emotional baggage within me that is preventing  love from coming in. I am definitely hiding my emotional baggage underneath the bed (so to speak), so today I will start to throw things away. I will leave that dresser empty, and I will put my wigs somewhere else. (I know wigs, but we won’t go there today).

The second segment of the dream felt like two different dreams squished together, and it happened somewhere between 5 and 7am. These dreams could deal with issues cluttering or clogging up our lives. It is also a time for caring for others and self empowerment. Dreams from the past and past life recall could happen during this time. In this dream segment, I was at someone’s house that has been in my dreams before, because I remember the small tiny animals in the house. I noticed and commented that they had a new  area rug.  There were some single men there, and I was interested in one of the men, but he asked someone else to dance. She got up, ran across the room expressing herself and then sat down again.  I decided to leave the party, but I could not find my left shoe, so I took someone else’s left shoe. It was turquoise, and then it turned into burgundy. I then took  some food. .It was dark, so I asked someone to walk me to my car, but they didn’t.

The next thing I knew, I was putting on Nair to remove the little hairs from my chin. I then went to a restaurant with a group of people. The waitress asked me what was on my chin, and I realized that I had forgotten to take off the Nair. I grabbed a large napkin to take it off, and the napkin turned black. I ran to the bathroom, and I saw that I had a full grown beard. I was shocked and  embarrassed feeling a bit like a freak. I could not let anyone see me, so I left. While I was driving,  my hand was covering my chin. At the same time, I was trying to put on my seat belt. I discovered that I was heading towards the shopping center and the financial district – the rich part of town.  In my mind, I was going the wrong way, so I turned around. I could not let anyone see me. I actually went back to the party to return the food. There was an Asian lady there. I then looked in the mirror, and I realized that the beard was disappearing. It was gone.

To me, this dream signifies my fears of being seen as “not being normal” and of “not being worthy enough”.  In truth, I am not your normal 65 year old. I am proud of my uniqueness; but underneath it all,  I am worried about what people think of me. Hiding behind a beard, showed me how fearful I am of being seen as not enough-like I do not deserve love, success, prosperity and abundance. Wearing a left shoe which turned turquoise and then burgundy. The color turquoise in a dream is symbolic of healing power and natural energy. It symbolises good luck and good fortune. Burgundy represents wealth, success, and prosperity. It is indicative of my potential power. The left side (left brain) is the creative side of myself, and my desire to be more successful and prosperous through my own creative endeavors. I took the symbol  of power, wealth and prosperity within me by putting on the left shoe. I am a feminine goddess who has been on hold romantically for awhile. I should not hold back on express  that beautiful feminine goddess side of me. This dream is about balancing my yin-yang energy as well.

I am continuing to work on myself through my dreams, and I have chosen to continue to program Lord Ganash into my dreams. Tonight, per Ganash’s request, I will also be programming Goddess Laskshmi into my dreams. She is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. I still feel like there is more work for me to do. What an enlightening  journey this is turning out to be.

UPDATE: There is no longer anything under my bed.

AFFIRMATION: I am a beautiful feminine Goddess who deserves love, wealth and abundance.