I am blown away by the whole Cruising Into Spirit experience aboard the Oasis Of The Seas October 15-22, and I am still in a “fog” from the breakthroughs and powerful experiences I had. I can honestly say that the the speakers that put on the workshops were the “cream of the crop”. I went on the cruise with a group of approximately 225 people. Although strangers when we got on the cruise, we were not strangers for long. I left the cruise with new found friends that I know will be lasting friendships.

There were many workshops that we could choose from; and although many were for free, there were other “special events” that we could pay for if we desired. I did pay for some special events by  Denise Linn, Lisa Williams,  Kim Russo, Mas Sajady and Japanese Master Healer Tsutomu Muramatsu (Master Tom).

I originally booked the cruise because I saw that Denise Linn, a fabulous  soul coach, healer, past life regressionist, space clearing expert, feng shui expert and more. She is also who I was certified by to become a Gateway Dream Practitioner. In the last year she  has changed my life in so many ways.  In her “special event”, each of us received a blessed turkey feather. We each meditated on our feather for the name of our feather. My feather had the energy of an Indian Spirit, and I saw the name “The Wonderer” in my mind’s eye. Each time I touch the feather, which is now on my dream alter, I feel the powerful Energy of “The Wonderer”.  I will be calling in “The Wonderer” into my dreams  for some powerful intentional night healing dream work for myself tonight. We then were led on a group past life regression. I saw myself as a gypsy woman as part of a circus possible in the 17 or 1800’s. I was married, and we had a son. My husband’s name was Octavio, and I was searching for him. I found him down by the water. He had been stabbed. He was my twin flame. Denise told us that we could change this outcome if we felt it was directly effecting our current lives. I visualized myself pulling out the knife and doing a healing on him. I healed him, and we became one in our flame of love for eternity. I found this to be powerful due to the fact that when I got married at 19 (and later divorced at 21), I was afraid to go to sleep unless my ex was sleeping, because for some reason that made no sense to me at the time, I was afraid of being stabbed. To this day, when I am in a relationship, I am unable to fall asleep with the man I am involved with for the strong fear of being stabbed. Time will tell if this past life regression will help me feel safer the next time I am in the arms of my future beloved.

Mas Sajady is a very powerful healer, and I attended both his free event and one of his paid events. In the free event, he pointed to me in the audience and told me to come to the front of the room, so that he could heal me.  I told him that my back hurt. I also told him that I worried on a daily basis that I would run out of money. I never do, but that is a strong fear within me. He did a healing on me, and he let me know he was raising my core vibration. I went to bed in my cabin that night freezing even though the heat was on in the highest heat temperature. I woke up every two hours with a very dry mouth and a wierd taste in my mouth. I hardly got any sleep that night. The following night, I had a dream in which someone came to me and said “I have loved you from the moment I saw you”.  I knew in the dream I was opening up to loving myself and that person was me. I cried in the dream, and I said “I am raising my core vibration”.  It was a very powerful dream.

In the paid event, we got to raise our hand and ask a question or ask for a healing. I raised my hand, and I told him that I had married and divorced very young and  that I remember the moment in my marriage that I made the decision to keep myself alone.  I was very unhappy, and I felt trapped. I told myself that I was going to do everything myself. I have never remarried, and it has been over 40 years. I told Mas that I was tired of being alone. He did a healing on me; and while he was doing the healing a few people who were in workshop yelled out that my face changed. He then told me that I would be in a relationship in 3-5 months.

Dr. Susan Shumpsky, who is the organizer of the new age/metaphysical cruises led a free event called “Awaken Your Divine Guidance” How to receive messages from the still small voice within’. This was a 3 hour workshop. We were led on a guided meditation, conducted by Spirit, which opened the channnels to our inner wisdom. I then experienced the flow of divine guidance, love, healing, wisdom, and inspiration. It is hard for me to explain, but it was a very powerful experience for me. During the meditation, she did Table TIpping;  however, I did not want to open my eyes and come out of my meditation to witness it.

Lisa Williams, the famous psychic medium who reads those who have passed on, worked the room reading the dead. She is amazingly accurate, and I love how fun she is at the same time.

I also attended a special event by Kim Russo, The Happy Medium, in which she also read the dead.



April 9-15, 2017 on the Freedom Of The Seas

Among other places, we will be going to the Mayan Ruins.

I will be bringing a group on this cruise; and although appointments for readings with me are limited, I will be doing readings at a discounted rate for those people who book the cruise through my group.

If you book the cruise on line, in the section that says “How did you hear of us”, you have to say Linda Kaye. If you call Adele at Divine Travels, you have to give them my name to be in my group.

Some of speakers on the workshop will be: Denise Linn, Collette Baron Reid, Lisa Williams, John Holland, Kenji Kumara, and so many more.

Please click here to read more about the fabulous Intuition Cruise. I am looking forward to YOU being a part of my group. We can celebrate my birthday together. If you have any questions about the cruise and my group, you can email me at or call me at 813-230-8518 9am-7pm Eastern time.