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Dear God and Archangel Raphael. Please send your healing energy through me while I am sleeping and dreaming, so that I can release the 5 pounds I gained over the last few months, and also so that I can feel healthier, wealthier and loved. 


I literally woke up several times during the night with a need to pee, however, my bladder felt full all night long no matter how much I got up to pee. Surprisingly enough, I managed to get a good night’s sleep anyway, and it was the best sleep I have had in months.


In my dream, in between peeing moments, I was trying to get a hold of the doctor to see why my bladder always felt full. I thought it might have to do with the supplements I am taking. My doctor was not around, so I had to see another Doctor. It was actually Denise Linn. I swear that I must have been bothering her. She said something about the death of something, and that is why I was peeing so much. Another doctor said the same thing. I then saw Denise Linn in what I perceived to be the bathroom. I went to give her a hug, and  I got her off guard and by surprise. She said “I do not hug strangers. I don’t know you”. It most certainly looked like her.  I think I might have astral traveled to her, and she did not realize it was me. I  certainly did a lot of releasing  in my dream. That is for sure. I do believe that the constant peeing and the feeling of a full bladder represents me releasing  old outdated beliefs (death of the old), so that I can begin anew with new beliefs and a happier and healthier life. 

Denise Linn is a fabulous soul coaching expert, dream coaching expert, feng shui expert, past life regression expert who teaches all over the world. I was certified as a Gateway Dream Practitioner and Coach through her. I will be seeing her in June at the Celebrate Your Life Conference in Chicago. I am taking her day long past life regression workshop plus numerous other workshops. I will also be taking  another full day workshop with Neale Donald Walsh who wrote the Conversations With God books.  I have attended other events by the people who put on the Celebrate Your Life events, and they have all been quite fabulous.