I woke up to this dream Thursday morning; however, due to the wonderful workshop schedule on the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise yesterday, I did not have a chance to blog my dreams. I will be blogging about the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise once I get home.

I programmed my dreams with God and Celtic Goddess Gueneviere. Goddess Gueneviere is a love and romance Goddess with an added touch of lust to the mix. She is the ultimate shape shifter, and she works with us in molding our destinies. She also helps with all phases of growth and prosperity, and oh yes fertility.


I dreamed that I volunteered to receive packages with babies in them. I promise to love, nurture and take care of them. The Dream showed me that I’m healing my inner child and loving my inner child.


My best friend Donna came to me, and said that she had arranged a gig for me as a psychic. They wanted me one night a week for $250 a year. I was not thrilled about the $250 a year nor was I thrones about driving at night. I raised it to $500 a year, but then later realized I was worth more. I the raised it to $1000 a year. This segment of the dream showed me that I’m raising my self-worth.


I dreamed that I saw a friend of mine. We said hello to each other, and then she walked into a store. She pushed her small black purse underneath the door and slid it outside to me. To me, that means prosperity and that I am rediscovering  reconnecting and identifying with my own inner treasure and gifts.

When she came out of the store, she said to me “I have been in love with you, since the moment I saw you”. I got emotional, and I said to her while dreaming “Wow my core vibration is raising” (talk about lucid dreaming). Yesterday when I woke up, I remembered the workshop that I had been to the day before on the Cruise with Mas Sajady. Mas Sajady is a very powerful healer on the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise. During a workshop that I took with him, he called me to the front of the room.  Among other things, he worked on raising my core vibration. I realized yesterday that my friend  represented me falling in love with myself. This is one heck of a powerful cruise, and Mas Sajady is one heck of a powerful healer.

This Morning’s Dream

Once again, I called in God and Goddess Gueneviere. As I am blogging this, at this very moment I am feeling Goddess Gueneviere. I know she has a message for me.

“I don’t want you to worry about living in a world that doesn’t support you. You are very loved and supported, and I am here to work with you in feeling the connection to the  love all around you and within you”. I don’t have any way to give you love without you giving yourself love. I am going to work with you in uncovering your true potential in life, love and wealth”.