I programmed Goddess Isis (for past life work), Pluto (God of wealth) and Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of Wealth). I added Isis, because I wanted her to show me a past lifetime while I am sleeping and dreaming in which the money karma from that lifetime directly effects me in this lifetime. I also asked for Pluto and Lakshmi to continue to work with me in raising my wealth frequencies and my core vibration.

In my dream, I received a business card from some guy with a note written on the back of the card showing his interest. The business card was placed in the rear left corner of my bedroom on the nightstand (the prosperity corner in Feng Shui). I forgot about the business card, and I then met a new guy. The business card is on the nightstand, and I assumed that this new guy probably has seen the business card with the first guy’s note on it. I am concerned that he might be upset. I could not reach him, because I suddenly realized that I did not have his phone number. I am discussing it with some people in my living room, and all of a sudden I hear “tap tap” tap” noises outside. I look out the window of my living room, and I see a golf course and people playing golf (tapping noise). I am shocked and confused, because I do not have a golf course (in real life) outside my window, and I do not know what happened to my view. It is not my  same view. It suddenly changed on me, and I cannot figure out how the golf course even got there. I then go looking for the guy that I am seeing, and I find him getting off a train or bus. He does not seem to be upset about the business card.


Although, I asked about a past life, it is very clear that my dream did not bring me to a past life. The tapping noises outside my window are Lakshmi, Pluto and Isis trying to get my attention. With the view changing outside my window makes me feel and think that Lakshmi, Pluto and Isis are letting me know that it is my view and inner beliefs about money and love that are changing within me. The fact that I did not have the new guy’s phone number means, to me, that I have not met him yet. This man getting off the bus or a train, means that he should be arriving soon, and the good news is that the work that I do as a psychic and dream coach will not bother him. (smiling). I am, however, getting closer to my goals of raising my wealth frequencies, increasing my income and finding a love relationship  represented by the term HOLE IN ONE that I am reminded of when I think about golf.