Last night before I went to sleep, I programmed my dreams with Lord Ganesh. He is the Hindu God of success, wealth and removing obstacles. This was my third night working with Lord Ganesh. I asked Ganesh to show me the obstacles  and blockages within me that are keeping me from having greater wealth and abundance in my life. I also asked Ganesh to help heal the rift between my brother  and me; and  then through my dreams help me to heal and remove these obstacles and blockages. I also asked him to help me to remember my dreams and the messages and healing energy he sends to me while I am sleeping, so that I can go out in my life and really make a difference in my life and with others.

Before I tell you about my hot sexy kissing lips dream, I must first tell you about the two dream segments that I remember  before the wonderful kissing dream. The first two dream segments that I had last night occurred between 11 and 11:30pm, because I got up at 11:30pm and recorded them in my dream journal, which happens to be the notepad in my iphone. Dreams around this time can focus on unresolved anger. I don’t usually remember my dreams that early in my night cycle, so these 2 dream segments came as a surprise to me.

In the dream, I was with my brother. In real life we have never gotten along, He has always carried a lot of anger and resentment towards me. That has always made me sad. I have never felt any anger or resentment towards him. It is my deepest desire to improve our relationship.  In this part of the dream, he had an intense orgasm ( DREAMGASM ) a spiritual orgasm (heartgasm) appearing real. It WAS NOT sexual. He was quite intense and quite vocal. In the dream, I was not thrilled that this was happening; however, I was aware that I wanted him to have his release. (his gasm).  I feel inside that his orgasm/dreamgasm/ heartgasm was a release of his anger and resentment towards me. In my mind, I was thinking that it was going to be a big mess afterwards, but it wasn’t. It all disappeared, and then I immediately went on to the second segment of the dream. It showed me that I completely let go of the situation.

The second dream segment happened instantaneously after the first dream segment. The next thing I know, I was outside, and I heard my mother screaming, and it sounded like she fell down the stairs.  I think she might have seen what happened with my brother. My mother passed away 5 years ago. I ran to help her, and she was so weak that she could not stand. Her legs were like jelly. After many attempts to help her to stand and walk, I left her and ran for my father. He died 15 years ago.  I found him, and we ran towards the building. Suddenly, I could not remember what floor she was on, and he said 15. We ran up to the 15th floor and looked for her. We found her, and there were other people helping her, but I felt detached from her and the situation.  

For me, that dream was very enlightening and powerful. My mother in life was a very strong dominating figure over me, so to see her weak like that showed me that she had no power over me anymore. I am a stronger force then she is.I had detached from her.  I was definitely afraid of her, and she had an intimidating effect on me all my life. I unconsciously adopted her beliefs about money, sex and relationships. Her beliefs became my beliefs even though I did not want them.  Her poverty consciousness rolled off on me, which resulted in me constantly worrying about running out of money. I could have been a millionaire and still have been worried about running out of money.  She was very psychic, and she used her abilities to invade my space and privacy. Somehow, she always knew when I had sex, and she would bring it up stating that I was very bad and that I would get aids. She instilled in me that men would always want me for my money, so I was always afraid to be wealthy and prosperous.

Fairy Kisses
Sexy Juicy Kisses Of My Dreams

The 3rd segment of my dream was wonderful, and it happened in the early morning right before I woke up, so it must have been around 5am. During this dream time, we can astral travel. This is also the time for receiving love, letting go, completion, freedom and expression.  I was sitting at a table with a man, and all of a sudden he kissed me with both intensity and softness. The kiss was amazing, and his lips were equally amazing. His lips felt so full, and the sexy juicy kisses felt so real. Woohoo, I am excited about the prospect of that kiss.

In channeling Ganesh last night, he had said that I only had to work with him in my dreams 3 times, so I have one more sleep with him tonight.  I will then program Lakshmi to work with me in my dreams. She is the Hindu Goddess of  wealth, good fortune, youth, and beauty. Stay tuned….

I pulled 1 card for myself from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Rhelm Oracle Card Deck (Collette Baron Reid). The first card I picked is the card called THE KEEPER OF THE SCALES; in otherwords, the Law Of Harmony. Aligning with the Law of Harmony means that I am making conscious choices that are creating balance in my life. When this happens, I magically align with the abundance  of the universe and the powerful forces of synchronicty. This is proof to me that I am aligning with my dreams and desires and releasing the past.

Thank you Lord Ganash! Looking forward to my dreams tonight.