Linda Kaye
Love Psychic Medium & Certified Dream Coach
The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Your Dreams


 I program my dreams in the form of prayer to my chosen Dream Guides, God, my soul and my Guardian Angel,  with the goal of soul retrieval in reclaiming the parts of my soul that I have lost  and also for experiencing a higher level of spiritual enlightenment in the most surprising way that I will recognize. I know that I am in a hypnagogic state, because I am not quite asleep yet, but drifting. Suddenly, I realize that there is a blond haired stocky man with a full beard in front of me. I see him so clearly. When he knows that I know he is there and that I see him, he comes much closer to me almost in my face. He motions for me to follow him. He feels very real to me, so I follow him out of curiosity through the streets. I am not afraid. He is very far ahead of me, and I almost don’t see him anymore. I just know I am following him. On this journey, I see all sorts of people along the way. Some of these people see me, and for a second they are real and time stops. I say to myself. Oh, they are real. I know I was Astral Traveling.
FEELINGS  WHEN I FIRST WAKE UP– At first, I felt disappointed, because I lost most of my dream. All I remember is a couple in my community and my ipad that for some reason I left somewhere, and I don’t have access to. There is more. I see it, but I can’t quite grasp it. Since I dream every night, and I remember most of my dreams, not grasping my dreams is highly unusual for me. Then suddenly, a couple hours into being awake, I remembered this hypnagogic moment that I was in between being awake and being asleep. I now feel curious and excited, and I am full of wonder. I am also thrilled to have experienced Astral Traveling.
REALITY CHECK – I have been asking to go to raise my vibration to a higher level of spiritual enlightenment in my dreams.
QUESTION FOR MYSELF – Who is this man? Was he a spirit? Was he an ancestor? Is he from a past life? Where did we go?
FOCUS – Continuing on my dream journey of  spiritual enlightenment and for raising my vibration.