Linda Kaye

I programmed my dreams last night with God and Archangel Raphael for assisting me in getting at least 8 hours of really good industrial sleep. I also asked them to work with while I am sleeping and dreaming to raise my vibration.


I am at a huge convention. It feels like either a convention center or a hotel.  I am not there alone. My friend, Elaine, and her male companion are there as well. It seems like for meals all I am eating is chocolate deserts. I realize that I need something to eat that is healthy and solid., so I go in search of real healthy food. The convention center/hotel is like a huge maze. I am searching and searching for food.  I see a salad, and then I lose where the salad is. I find Elaine and her male companion, and I go sit with them. I then discover that I am wearing my shorts inside out. I am embarrassed, so I go in search of a bathroom to fix my shorts. Again, it is like a maze; and I cannot find the bathroom. I look everywhere, and then I finally give up and fix my shorts in public. I am wearing white underwear. Then I go to where there is a crowd of people, and there is this man who starts talking to me. I answer him, and he turns his back on me. That really upset me, and I go back and tell Elaine what happened.


Dreaming of a convention, to me, is a metaphor for bringing various aspects of myself together and for me being with like minded people who are into their own quest for healing and enlightenment.  I feel this is important in order for me to raise my vibration. Since part of my focus was on finding healthy food at this convention, I feel like  the topic of this convention was the search for more nourishment and growth in my life. Wearing my shorts inside out, and wanting to find the bathroom to put them on correctly,  shows that even though I am pretty much an open book, I still hide my deepest insecurities and fears.  White underwear represents purity, healing and cleansing, so that is a wonderful thing. Looking to be fed seems like a metaphor for my spiritual journey that I am on. I believe my friend, Elaine, was me, and her male companion represents my strongest desire is to have a male companion. The man turning his back on me also represents the lack of intimacy on all levels in my life right now. The flash of a salad represents a man and sexual desire.


I will be programming my dreams again tonight for more work on myself for raising my vibration.