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Dear God and Archangel Raphael. I am programing my dreams tonight for your assistance in helping me to  make a paradigm shift from a limited belief paradigm to an unlimited belief paradigm regarding love, sex, money and all other aspects of my life. Thank you God and Archangel Raphael. I am grateful. Amen.


I woke up this morning with the following dreams;

Dream Segment 1 – I was with a man. and there was an incredible amount of sexual energy between us. I knew that we were going to have sex, and I absolutely wanted it to happen. This was an awesome kissing dream too. We just could not stop kissing eachother. We were in the kitchen. A button came off something that I was wearing. Since I did not want him to see that the button came off,  I hid it inside the pocket of some pants that happened to be on the kitchen counter. 

Dream Segment 2 – I was with this guy, and we went to see a healer. The room felt like a hotel room, and there was a bed in it. The healer was Israeli. Right before we were to start the session, the guy I was with excused himself and left. The healer gets a phone call, and starts speaking very fast in Hebrew. It sounded like he was arguing with the person on the phone. I did not understand anything that he was saying. Now he has his shirt off, and his underwear is sticking up over his pants. He left the room to go speak to whoever was on the phone in the room next door to where we were. The wall between the two rooms did not go up to the ceiling. It was only 3 quarters of the way up, so I could clearly hear the healer and the other man arguing in Hebrew. I had no idea what they were arguing about. I was waiting and waiting for him to come back, so now I am laying in bed waiting.


Just so you know, I feel extremely excited and elated by this very sexual kissing dream. I cannot wait until tonight to see what my dreams reveal.

Dream Segment 1 – This hot sexy attraction and kissing dream with the man felt so real that I know someone is coming into my life, and that without a doubt we are going to have a strong attraction for each other. Whenever, I have a sexy kissing dream, I know my new soul mate is on the way. It never fails.  I am feeling excited, because I have something to look forward to. The meaning of a button coming off of my clothing, and me hiding it in the pocket means to me that I do not want my new man whoever he is to see my flaws, fears and insecurities. 

UPDATE – 9/9/18 – I have come to realize that this was definitely a precognitive dream. I ALWAYS have precognitive dreams of a soul mate before I meet them. This actually happened Memorial Weekend, 2018, in the kitchen. I know the meaning of the button now, but I am going to keep that to myself for now. Wink Wink.

Dream Segment 2-  I do wonder if that man who brought me to the healer was the man that I had strong sexual energy with in dream segment 1. The man who brought me to the healer could have been the same person, so there could be some healing energy happening in the love and intimacy department for me. To me, this dream segment had very sexual overtones to it due to the healer having his shirt off,  his underwear was showing over his pants, the fact that there was a bed in the room, and that i was waiting and waiting  for him in the bed. Yes, I have been waiting for my next soul mate to come into my life. It has been about 6 months since my last soul mate relationship ended. Perhaps Archangel Raphael is the one who brought me to the healer. Perhaps Archangel Raphael is saying that I need some healing energy on my love life. Perhaps the arguing is Archangel Raphael showing me how I argue with myself about being in a relationship. This new soul mate could have also brought me to the healer.  One part of me of course wants the whole shebang in a relationship, but the other part of me wants to stay single. Arguing in a different language is showing me that the two sides of me are fighting. Who is going to win? Time will tell. The wall was not entirely up, so the barriers are coming down.

UPDATE – 9/9/18 – Oh  yes definitely a precognitive dream. This a continuing of Memorial Weekend 2018. Wink Wink 

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