I am a Professional Psychic Medium for over 30 years and a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner and Dream Coach since October 2016. I received my Certification as a Dream Coach after a one week course in Santa Fe, New Mexico through Denise Linn. Denise Linn has had a major impact on my life. Her Gateway Dream Practitioner Course was life changing for me.  I focus on love and relationships. I love teaching my clients how to program their dreams for desired results in their love life as well as career, finances, etc. Each and everyone of us can create a juicy sexy soul mate if that is what our deepest desire is to have. We all have more then one soul mate, so if one does not work out, we can manifest another. Not all soul mate relationships last forever. Some are long lasting and others are short lived, but we learn our lessons from each and every soul mate relationship that we are in. Please buy my kindle ebook “The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Our Dreams“.

I program my dreams every night as prayers to the divine. Last night, so that I would sleep through the night after 4 nights of not being able to sleep, I did not ask for any dreams; however, I did bring back a dream segment that I  am pretty sure was meant to be remembered. I am, however, still pretty tired. I hope I can get a full night’s sleep soon. This is getting old.


Dear God,  Archangel Raphael and Mr Sandman. Tonight please help me to experience deep healing and restorative uninterrupted sleep. Help me to feel refreshed and full of energy when I wake up in the morning. Thank you, and I am grateful.


My friend, Angye, was visiting me at my house. In fact, my house was filled with people. I got a new TV remote, and it  needed to be reprogrammed. I asked Angye if she would do it, but she said that I had to do it. I did not want to do it with all those people in my house. In the meantime, as she was getting ready to leave, she came up with an excellent product to sell on my website-men’s briefs with sayings on the back. I told her that some of them could say “JUICY” on it. I also came up with the idea of having a male model for the briefs.


My TV remote represents my love life. The TV is off, and a blank dark screen is showing.  This is showing me that it is time to reprogram my love life, so that I can create a brand new juicy sexy soul mate relationship.  All the people in the house represents a lot of  interference. Juicy is the pet name for the last guy I met in my dreams before we started dating. Yes, my feelings were very real for him, but it has been over for quite awhile. I know that he is not what I want anymore. Silence is NOT golden.  The guy model represents the kind of guy I would like to be in a relationship with. I am pretty sure that Angye is in my dream, because she is an excellent marketing person. That was expert help.

Before I manifest someone new through my dreams,  I am going to have fun, go on some singles cruises and go with the flow of life.

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