I programmed my dreams with God last night asking if we could have a conversation while I was  sleeping and dreaming. I asked for a conversation with him  in regards to what he feels I need to know in all aspects of my life in order for me to raise to a higher vibration of myself and in order for me to experience greater happier and rewarding future in all aspects of my life.  I also asked him to help me capture and remember the dreams, messages and the conversations I have with him last night  in my dreams in the most surprising ways that I will recognize. I am grateful


My dream was about my mother. My mother was calling and interacting with me and other people even though in reality she died in August of 2011. No one believed that it was actually my mother calling. Everyone thought that they were being scammed. Other people were calling, and saying they were my mother. No one believed that my real mother was the one calling, and I was trying to prove it to them. The people that were questioning it said that my mother looked like she was in her 40’s. I told them no, and that she was 92 when she died, so she would be 99 going on 100 years old if she were still alive. 


In a way, I did have a Conversation with God in my dreams last night.  God’s messages and answers came through the spirit of my mother. My mother’s fears and negative beliefs were my mother’s fear and negative beliefs. They were not meant for me to take on. The others trying to mimic my mother were representing my negative beliefs and fears that I unconsciously negatively inherited and had been mimicking from my mother. This has  been holding me back my adult life. In my dream, I was not allowing those negative beliefs and fears to take over me and control me.  I also feel like I was lucid dreaming, because I was calculating in my dream how old my mother would be now if she were still alive. The number 99 in dreams means the ending of the old, and the beginning of the new. The number 1 means new beginnings.  Dreaming of the number forty could mean that I am  entering, into a time of cleansing, healing, transformation and growth. It makes me think that perhaps I had a major breakthrough in my dreams last night.